The technocrat authoritarians are at it again with their baseless bans against conservative users. This time, Facebook is censoring anyone who believes that Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year old who shot two protesters and wounded a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin did nothing wrong.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for Facebook reportedly confirmed to Breitbart News that the company is removing posts “in support” of Kyle Rittenhouse. “We’ve designated the shooting in Kenosha a mass murder and are removing posts in support of the shooter, including this one,” the spokesman said.

Rittenhouse is the young man who shot three people, killing two, while defending businesses during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. To anyone who is honest about what the video footage of the incident shows, the boy clearly acted out of self-defense by using his rifle when the rioters were attacking him.

However, the Leftist media has relentlessly attacked Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist” who was out to kill BLM protestors, even when there is zero evidence to support such a claim (and additionally, all three of Rittenhouse’s victims were white men).

On the other hand, multiple interviews conducted prior to the shooting show that Rittenhouse went to Kenosha simply to defend businesses against attacks and provide medical assistance to anyone who needed it. He only brought his rifle along in case he or a business was being attacked.

Knowing this, conservatives immediately rushed to his Rittenhouse’s side in supporting his use of the Second Amendment in self-defense.

Now, here we have Facebook, which absurdly considers Rittenhouse’s actions “mass murder” as if he went on a rampage to kill people. The platform is even going so far as to restrict and block posts that support him.

Are we living in communist China, where the state controls information and opinions?

Perhaps even worse is the fact that Facebook planned to quietly suppress information contradicting their narrative. They didn’t make a public announcement. They simply went ahead with secretly removing posts that they disagreed with.

The censorship was first noticed by conservative activist Mark Dice, who brought online attention to the issue after Facebook removed a video of his that proves Rittenhouse’s actions were justified.

You might think the platform took it down because they didn’t like what Dice was saying, or they thought his opinion was “harmful,” or any of the other excuses they usually use, but the video they removed was actual footage showing Kyle offering help to an injured protestor. This footage proved that he was primarily there to help people, regardless of political ideology, not “murder” them.

Dice posted the Facebook-banned video to Twitter:

Dice also shared that Facebook is now “threatening to delete my entire account” over the video.

So, not only is the platform trying to suppress our opinions about events that happen, but they are now basically tampering with evidence. According to this new policy, video evidence that is pertinent to determining a conclusion about a controversial situation is no longer allowed. They don’t want us to see anything that would prove Rittenhouse’s innocence. Instead, they are doing everything they can to cover it up to help perpetuate the mainstream media’s narrative that white, conservative gun owners are innately bad people.

Facebook’s arbitrary rules pose more than just a threat to free speech and public discourse. They threaten due process and our entire justice system. It’s incredibly concerning that they have this level of unchecked power, where they can choose to hide video evidence of real events. If we don’t put an end to Facebook’s abuse of power sooner rather than later, the American way of life could be irreversibly damaged.