The mainstream media doesn’t want you to know that millions of people around the world are rising up against tyrannical new laws requiring them to have vaccine passports.

It’s not just Trump supporters or conservatives here in the United States that are resisting this “new normal” that power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats so desperately want us to accept.

Now, it’s people from cities all around the world, including London, Paris, Milan, Dublin, Sydney, and more, who are finding the courage to say “no” to vaccine passports.

In crowds appearing to be made up of tens of thousands of people, Londoners took to the streets to protest against vaccine passports. Surprisingly, even in Europe, Trump flags can be spotted in the crowd.

About 160,000 French citizens took to the streets last weekend to protest a proposed vaccine passport being considered in the country’s legislature, The Blaze reported.

The law would make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all health care workers and would require all French people to carry a vaccine passport to enter restaurants.

In Italy, thousands of people protested on Saturday in opposition of the “green pass,” Italy’s form of a vaccine passport. It is required for travel, entertainment, weddings, etc.

An Australian reporter posted a video showing similar protests taking place in Sydney, Australia.

In one video showing protestors in Dublin, Ireland, a man holds a sign asking, “Do we need to wear yellow stars next?”

The worldwide protests come as somewhat of a surprise since Americans seem to have won their battle against vaccine passports, at least domestically, for now. However, freedom around the world is still at stake as governments continue their quest for the “new normal.”

But as long as the people of the world love their freedom, that quest will fail.