The bizarre plot of the six-degrees of Jeffrey Epstein story continues to get more bizarre by the day…literally. Yesterday, my colleague Sean Robertson wrote a piece chronicling the latest plot twist in the case: the attempted murder of a federal judge tied to the Epstein case. The judge’s son and husband were shot—her husband critically injured, her son killed almost instantly—by a man disguised as Fed Ex driver.

That Judge, Esther Salas, was recently assigned a case involving Epstein’s financial dealings with banking giant Deutsche Bank. The bank is being sued by a group of investors who claim that the institution failed to flag suspicious activity in accounts tied to Epstein.

There are reports that the assassin, later identified as attorney Roy Den Hollander, was recently diagnosed with cancer and was seeking revenge against his perceived enemies—including Judge Salas—before his death.

But was there a more nefarious reason for his action?

Sadly, we may never hear the answer to this question from Hollander’s lips, because, wait for it… he was found dead in his apartment from an apparent “suicide.” There sure are a lot of “suicides”— including Epstein himself—in stories related to the late sex-trafficking mastermind.

The New York State Police found Mr. Den Hollander’s body near Liberty, N.Y. — about a two-hour drive from the judge’s home — after he shot himself in an apparent suicide, officials said….

Roy Den Hollander was a self-described “anti-feminist” lawyer who flooded the courts with seemingly frivolous lawsuits that sought to eliminate women’s studies programs and prohibit nightclubs from holding “ladies’ nights.”

In one of his most recent cases, he openly seethed against a federal judge in New Jersey, Esther Salas, whom he described in a self-published, 1,700-page book as “a lazy and incompetent Latina judge appointed by Obama.”

Mr. Den Hollander left the case, in which he challenged the male-only United States military draft, last summer, telling a lawyer who replaced him that he had terminal cancer…

When investigators discovered Mr. Den Hollander’s body, they found a package nearby that was addressed to Judge Salas, according to a law enforcement official. The package was empty.”

Admittedly, Den Hollander seems like a whack job. He was a man obsessed with attacking feminists and has a long history of denigrating female judges like Salas. It could be simply have been revenge plot by Den Hollander to punish his enemies before he died from cancer, and he then killed himself before facing the worst effects of cancer or being arrested.

That being said, it is possible to let one’s mind wander and to dwell on the numerous “coincidences” of the Epstein saga. First, Epstein is said to have killed himself in his New York jail cell with no security footage and no guards monitoring him. Then, there is the implausibility of how he is said to have hanged himself from his bunk bed.

Epstein was friends with many famous and powerful people, most notably Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew. He had previously gotten a sweetheart deal in 2008 for his sexual crimes with the implication by some that he was a government informant.

His madame, Ghislaine Maxwell was recently arrested and is said to believe that Epstein was murdered and that she herself might suffer the same fate. It has also been reported that Maxwell is willing to spill the beans about all of Epstein’s associates and has videos showing famous figures engaged in sexual acts with underage and trafficked girls.

Given the resources available for Deutsche Bank, it’s possible that they may have had a hand in the attempt on Judge Salas’ life.

One thing is for certain: More will be revealed as this story develops.