In this episode, the entire FreedomWire crew is back together to talk about the weekend’s political firestorm leading up to Monday’s Electoral College vote. Biden has been confirmed as president-elect, and many are saying that Trump no longer has a path to victory, especially after the SCOTUS ruling on Texas’ election lawsuit. But will the technicalities of the Electoral College be enough to keep Trump’s goal of proving widespread fraud alive?

The team also discusses the status of the Senate runoff election in Georgia and why the Right needs to show up in force despite those telling them NOT to vote. But are Republicans like Lin Wood really hoping to see the GOP candidates fail, or is there a much bigger game at play here?

Also covered: ANTIFA and the Proud Boys clashed on the streets of DC during a Trump march, dividing us even further…but will this political divide lead us down the road to growing conflict or civil war?


Time Stamps:

0:15- Intro

1:30- New President Elect?

3:40- Where’s the Investigation?

7:30- Barr is OUT!

13:01- Free and Fair Elections

16:20- Trump Team and Georgia

24:56- Enthusiasm for Trump

28:48- Proud Boys/ ANTIFA in DC

35:58- Second Civil War?

43:40- Conclusion


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