They really thought they had the president dead to rights.

CNN and MSNBC in particular, were banking on the Mueller report finding Trump guilty of some “Manchurian Candidate” like plot that would lead to his removal from office.

However, business interests played a role in the decision to obsessively cover the story, as well.

The media played up the Russian hoax to increase their ratings. For MSNBC it worked for a while.

But then, the Mueller report was completed.

Then their ratings dropped like the Tower of Terror ride at Disney World.

MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow, saw her ratings soar over the past two years. Her non-stop coverage of the Russian hoax promised her viewers that new “bombshells” would be dropped in the story.

However, those “bombshells” were never dropped.

As a result, her ratings have tanked. Last Monday, following the release of Attorney General William Barr’s summary of the Mueller, her ratings dropped nearly 20%. She was creamed in the ratings by Fox News’ host, Sean Hannity. Hannity’s ratings climbed 32% in the days following the Mueller report.

Maddow has consistently pushed false narratives about Trump. You would think this latest episode would have taught her a lesson.

If you thought this, then you are wrong.

Maddow isn’t dismayed. She is trudging forward with conspiracy theories in hand.

She is now pushing a conspiracy about Attorney General Barr. Maddow claims that Barr is manipulating the information for the Mueller report by, choosing what to redact and what to make public by himself.

However, this is not based on any fact. It has been reported that the attorney general is working with the Mueller team on these details.

Maddow is not one to let facts get in the way of her narrative.

CNN, also known as the “Clinton News Network”, is doing even worse.

Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon spout nonsense every time they open their mouth about President Trump. They are borderline obsessed with Trump.

Unfortunately for them, this obsession about Trump-Russia isn’t paying off.

Both hosts failed to reach 1 million viewers during their programs, following the end of the Mueller investigation.

They are being destroyed in the ratings by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

Carlson cleaned their clocks in the ratings. He beat CNN’s entire prime time line up combined in total viewers. Not by a little, but by a lot. Tucker defeated the CNN crew of blowhards by 1,000,000 viewers!

Ouch, that one will sting a little bit, CNN.

Might want to put some ice on that bruise.

This is proper justice being served to the media for their years of peddling lies and conspiracy theories about President Trump’s so-called collusion with Russia.

They accused him of being a puppet of Vladimir Putin and some even accused him of outright treason.

They do realize that the ultimate punishment for treason is the death penalty, right?

These people are sick.

The media continues to reaffirm the distrust the American people have for them.

They are so blinded by their hatred for President Trump that they are too distracted to notice that their ratings are falling.

CNN and MSNBC have been the hardest hit. Americans are tuning away from them in droves because they don’t take the networks seriously.

The obsessive reporting about the Russian Hoax has backfired on the two networks. They are paying the price for their personal bias.

They deserve it!