If I were a parent, I would not send my kids to public schools. They would either be sent to a private school or be homeschooled.

And if I have kids in the future, that is what I intend on doing.

The reluctance of the nation’s teachers’ unions to go back to school—despite ample evidence showing that schools are not COVID super-spreaders—has been the nail in the coffin for me with regards to the necessity of public schools.

The nation spends over $600 billion a year on education at the local, state, and federal levels, yet test scores continue to decline and our kids are being indoctrinated with anti-American propaganda at increasingly dangerous levels.

Instead of being taught to love the country, kids are being taught at an early age that America has no redeeming qualities and that racism lurks behind every corner.

Why would we fund schools to teach kids to hate America? It is bad enough that it is happening at the university level, but now public schools are following suit and we must do something about it.

I have spent two years commentating on the state of our country on a daily basis, and what has struck me the most is the importance of a quality education. So many of the issues that are currently permeating our social fabric go back years before when the social justice crowd began indoctrinating the nation’s youth.

Those who educate the youth will control the future.

Parents need to take a more active role in their kid’s education. They should be consulting with their children’s teachers, attending school board meetings, and taking part in parent-teacher conferences.

And if that doesn’t work, it would be best for their kids to be taken out of public schools and moved into an environment where they will have a chance to be successful.

I am not telling people how to raise their kids, I am just stating facts based on public school and private school data, as well as homeschooling data that points to those who are educated in the latter categories being far more successful in life than the former.

Education is the Civil Rights issue of our time.

Students in failing inner-city schools—a disproportionately large minority population—would benefit the most from school choice. Their parents would be able to send them to higher-performing schools instead of being stuck in a failing system. Students shouldn’t be doomed to poor education simply because of their zip code.

It has always bewildered me that it is deemed racist to be in favor of school choice. In fact, it is the complete opposite: minority students would benefit the most from these policies.

Kids that grow up in many suburban schools catering to a higher tax bracket often have access to better education than inner-city schools. Low-income students are anchored to poorly-performing districts with no chance to escape.

That would all change with school choice and the privatization of the educational system.

Those students deserve better.

And all students deserve better than the current crop of teachers who belong to teachers’ unions.

They have put their own selfish interests ahead of their students during the pandemic, refusing to go back to school despite overwhelming evidence that has proven time and again that schools are not super-spreaders of the virus.

Unions have made unreasonable demands and they won’t budge until they get their way.

That is why it is time for parents to take their kids out of public schools and away from selfish teachers. It is also why school choice should be pushed in Republican-controlled states (because Democrat-controlled states will never support school choice). Passing legislation allowing school choice will allow all students, even those who come from low-income districts and can’t afford to send their kids to other schools, to get a quality education.

This is the best environment that conservatives have ever had to pass school choice and to begin privatizing schools.

Parents are fed up with the current teachers and their self-centered unions. The time is ripe for an education revolution that has been too long stymied by teachers’ unions.

The time to act is now.

Teachers’ unions must be defeated if the nation’s youth are to see future success.

Failing to act now will doom many of them to a life of poverty and underperformance.

For the good of future generations, it is time to end the public school system as we know it.