On Sunday, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shocked the Twitter world with what is perhaps the most exciting thing to happen to right-wing politics since Kanye West came out in support of President Trump.

In a surprisingly simple statement, Musk tweeted an unlikely “Matrix” movie reference, saying “Take the red pill.”

The cryptic tweet was echoed by conservative Twitter warriors of all kinds and even Ivanka Trump herself, who proudly replied: “Taken!”

This comes after a slew of recent tweets from Musk in opposition to the unconstitutional and tyrannical lockdowns wo which Americans have been subjected in the past few months.

Why Was This Tweet So Powerful?

In “The Matrix,” the red pill symbolizes waking up to hard truth. On the other hand, the blue pill represents blissful ignorance. Conservatives have long used the movie’s pill analogy to respectively reflect Red (conservative) politics and blue (liberal) politics.

Does Musk’s tweet mark the beginning of America’s desperately-needed red wave in 2020?

We’re 3.5 years down the road from President Trump’s election, we’re stuck in a pandemic, and the country is mostly shut down.  America is sustaining unprecedented damage to the people and their God-given rights, and worst of all, a large portion of the public is happily accepting their fate without a fight.

It’s hard to imagine what it would take to get a mass wake-up call to the general public, warning them of the atrocities many politicians, particularly Democrats, have committed to decimate our country’s existence.

While President Trump is doing everything in his power to help the American people, it may not be enough to defeat the Democrats. As citizens struggle to survive the lockdown, Democrats in all levels of government are using the pandemic as leverage to advance their agenda, get federal money, and push mail-in ballots.

However, if someone like Elon Musk continues to speak out, it could be game over for the Left.

The Power Of Elon Musk

Everything about Musk is a threat to the Left if he crosses over to the Right. Musk is an immigrant from South Africa who supports the American dream, and he built both Tesla and SpaceX here in America. If that wasn’t enough, he also builds all-electric cars, is widely respected in the tech community as the PayPal co-founder, wants to advance space travel, is famed in pop culture, and warns against the dangers Google’s monopoly and the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

Basically, Elon Musk is a modern icon for making the world a better place and advancing the state of mankind. Yet, at the same time, he is proving to be a true American patriot by reopening his business in spite of stay-at-home orders and speaking out against violations of our freedoms.

Musk’s astronomical level of influence in tech and culture is a dangerous thing for the Democrats, who have almost absolute control over both realms. If he leads the way in speaking out, three very important things will likely follow: 1) It will set off a domino effect for other techies or culture elites to speak out in favor of conservative values, 2) Musk will persuade his followers, who would normally lean more Left, to vote Right this year, and 3) it will shed light on dangerous tech monopolies and minimize their “conspiracy” connotation.

Like President Trump, Musk is immune to Leftist control. That poses a direct threat to the Democrats’ stronghold. Will they retaliate against a person who is so publicly well-liked? If they do, their efforts will likely backfire, but if they don’t, he wins by successfully calling their bluff.

Either way, this is a positive step to waking up the public to the true colors of the Left and moving toward a 2020 red wave.