Elon Musk was the wonder kid. He was going to change the world. Nothing was going to get in his way.

Then reality hit. Obstacles arose.

Many of them are self-inflicted.

The founder of Tesla has had a string of bad moments over the past year.

Tesla is most known for building high-end electric cars.

Musk has made a lot of pie in the sky promises about Tesla’s driverless cars.

However, those promises have not come to fruition.

Musk predicted that Tesla would have self-driving cars that can drive on highways and city streets by the year 2020. He also claimed that his company would produce a million robotaxis. That looks very unlikely at this point.

Steven E. Shladover, a retired research engineer at the University of California, Berkeley, is dubious about his claims. He said: “It’s all hype. The technology does not exist to do what he is claiming.

He doesn’t have it, and neither does anybody else.”

Elon Musk had better get his cars to stay on the road first before he goes bragging about all the driverless cars he is going to produce.

Tesla autopilot cars have been involved in multiple crashes.

A Tesla Model S crashed into a firetruck. Another Tesla car hit a police car. Last year, a man was killed on a California highway. Another man, 23-year-old Gao Yaning, died while driving a Model S on a highway in China. A Florida man, Joshua Brown, died after his Model S crashed into a truck.

There is also video of a Tesla Model S bursting into flames in Shaghai, China last week.

That doesn’t make for good headlines.

Last year, California announced that they were opening an investigation into reports that a Tesla plant has unsafe working conditions.

Gizmodo reported:

“A former safety member said they saw broken bones and lacerations that the carmaker allegedly did not record appropriately. Cal/OSHA said in a statement that the agency defines a serious injury or illness as one that requires employee hospitalization for more than 24 hours for other than medical observation, or in which a part of the body is lost or permanent disfigurement occurs.”

Musk has made some serious public relation gaffes, as well — most notably on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

He lit up the internet (no pun intended) when he lit up a joint and appeared to smoke pot on the popular show. This didn’t reflect well on Elon Musk and Tesla.

All this bad publicity has taken a toll on the bottom line of the electric car maker.

In the first quarter of the year, Tesla reported losses of $702.1 million.

Tesla has lost more than $6 billion since Musk was dubbed the boy wonder. Musk was a wide-eyed dreamer that sold the public on his plans to produce a profitable ride-hailing service made up of electric cars driven by robots.

Now, 15 years later, he hasn’t delivered on his promises.

He still might … but Tesla needs to step up their game.