How do we know that the Left is absolutely CRAZY?

Take a look at their policies; their stances on the issues are all on their campaign webpages—and if you’ve got the time, do yourself the favor of reading them…

You’ll be amazed at the amount of craziness you’ll read from these supposedly sane, grounded, and well-balanced people.

They really are looney…

It’s like they think that the world is able to be changed with control and slavery disguised as moonbeams and rainbows.

They truly are delusional…

The expect that everybody will fall into line with what they’ve got planned because they’re genuinely convinced that their plans are the BEST ones.

They’re not…

And Elizabeth Warren just proved that.

The Worst Idea For The American Military… EVER.

What looney-ness is she coming up now?

Apparently she thinks that our military will be better suited to fighting climate change instead of the enemies of the United States and its allies.


This isn’t a joke.

Elizabeth Warren has shouted it LOUD from the rooftops, “Our military can help lead the fight against climate change!”


How do you fight something that’s isn’t there?

It doesn’t matter…

Elizabeth Warren, ol’ Fauxcahontas herself, wants to make sure our fighting men and women no longer defend the Constitution – but defend the planet from this “unseen attacker” that plans to destroy us in 12 years or less.

But what’s her REAL goal?

Let us help you read between the lines.

Here’s an excerpt from her plan…

“We have the most capable military in the world. It’s also the single largest government consumer of energy, and it’s dependent on fossil fuels. The Pentagon spends about $4 billion a year to power its bases at fixed locations and consumes tens of billions of barrels of fuel per year. An Arleigh-Burke class destroyer can consume 1,000 gallons of fuel in an hour while underway. It cost the Pentagon as much as $400 per gallon to transport the gas needed to keep bases operational at the height of the war in Afghanistan; in Iraq, convoys transporting oil and gas were vulnerable targets for insurgent attacks. And our non-combat bases often depend on a commercial power grid that can go down for any number of reasons: old infrastructure, extreme weather, cyber-attacks. When the power’s out, it costs the Pentagon real money — more than $179,000 each day.”

See how she makes it sound like we’re spending so much money to keep our troops in business?

We’re just spending so much money on and using so many combustibles – it just makes sense to get away from these harmful fossil fuels.

The REAL Plan Behind Warren’s “Green” Military

We see where she’s going—but just in case we were a little lost, she shows us exactly where she was headed with this whole thing.

“That’s why today I am introducing my Defense Climate Resiliency and Readiness Act to harden the U.S. military against the threat posed by climate change, and to leverage its huge energy footprint as part of our climate solution. It starts with an ambitious goal: consistent with the objectives of the Green New Deal, the Pentagon should achieve net-zero carbon emissions for all its non-combat bases and infrastructure by 2030.”

ZERO carbon emissions for its non-combat bases?

First of all, the wording of this matters. NO base is a “combat base” if there isn’t an imminent threat of combat…

So that means ANY base around the world that doesn’t meet these requirements is in danger of being in violation of her act – and therefore on the cusp of being shut down.

That’s how they work…

And that’s what this is ALL about.

Elizabeth Warren wants to WEAKEN our military even more than Obama did!

She wants to transform our fighting men and women from well-trained combatants into Rainbow Warriors for Greenpeace.

That’s her and her fellow Leftists’ ultimate goal…

The systematic weakening of our American military.

But it doesn’t matter. She’s not going to win.

And this will be one of the reasons why…


“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” ― George Orwell