Everything is racist—even driverless cars.

That’s according to a new report from researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology.

You may be wondering why researchers were studying whether machines were being tested for their degree of “social justice.”

Good question.

Here is their answer: “The authors of the study started out with a simple question: How accurately do state-of-the-art object detection models, like those used by self-driving cars, detect people from different demographic groups? To find out, they looked at a large dataset of images that contain pedestrians. They divided up the people using the Fitzpatrick scale, a system classifying human skin tones from light to dark.”

The test results showed that black people were five times more likely to be hit by driverless cars than people of color.

Add that to the list of grievances made by the “woke” social justice warriors.

Pretty soon, we will be stoned into submission by the social justice mob if we fail to stand up to autonomous vehicles. If we don’t, then we hate black people, or something…

You can add this to the list of racial bias exhibited by non-human entities.

There is even a term for the bias: algorithmic bias.

That’s right, people already have put time into making machines seem like evil racists.

Google should be boycotted. Why?

Because their technology hasn’t undergone the proper racial bias training.

In 2015, Google’s image recognition system labeled African Americans as “gorillas.”

That is a racist term, obviously.

But it was made by a non-living being. So, who cares?

Last year, Amazon’s Rekognition system matched 28 members of Congress to criminal mugshots. Another study found that three facial recognition systems—IBM, Microsoft, and China’s Megvii were more likely to misidentify the gender of dark-skinned people (especially women) than of light-skinned people.

The machines are racist and transphobic!

Better check their privilege.

How dare they mis-gender people and use the wrong pro-nouns!

Algorithmic bias is a new concern of the utmost importance—according to social justice warriors.

They fear that the inventors of the technology are imprinting their bias onto the machines and software.

This can’t stand!

Off with their heads!

How do the concerned consumer activists propose eliminating racial bias in non-humans?

Answer: Implement diversity, of course.

They propose making sure development teams are racially diverse, because if all team members are white, male, or both, it may not occur to them to check their algorithm handles on an image of a black woman.

Oh, ok. If there is a black woman in the room, it will occur to the machine to not hit her.

Got it.

Geez, I thought these people were supposed to be smart.

Everything is racist.

Everyone that is a minority is oppressed.

Driverless cars are the latest oppressor of minorities.

I suppose the driverless cars are all Trump supporters from middle-America.

Every time they drive off the road toward a minority, they honk, “Get out of the way, this is MAGA country.”

Or maybe that’s what Jussie Smollett’s car says?…