Yesterday, millions of students and teachers took part in Read Across America Day, a national literacy program celebrated every year on the birthday of Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss.

Brings back childhood memories, doesn’t it?

But now, even the great children’s author is being canceled…by his own estate.

That’s right, six Dr. Seuss books were just “canceled” by the Seuss estate in response to outside pressure over supposed racist imagery. Apparently, books like “The Sneetches,” which teaches kids that racism is bad, aren’t woke enough.

Replacing Dr. Seuss as a mainstay in children’s literature is a coordinated effort so that good children’s literature can be replaced with woke Leftist propaganda books.

For generations, Dr. Seuss’ books have taught kids to read and instilled the love of reading in them, opening their eyes to the wide world around them and increasing their likelihood for career success later in life.

But these social justice warriors claim that Dr. Seuss is guilty of not being diverse enough.

Not diverse enough?

One could argue Seuss was one of the most diverse writers ever to put pen to paper.

Think about it.

Dr. Seuss’ cast of characters was very diverse. His characters included green people, like the Grinch; red people, like Thing 1 and Thing 2; yellow people, like Sam I Am; brown people, like Mr. Brown; and his most famous character of all, a black-and-white cat, The Cat in the Hat.

That’s not diverse enough for the teachers’ pets.

In a study published in 2019 in “Research on Diversity in Youth Literature” (this is an actual academic journal, seriously), researchers Katie Ishizula and Ramon Stephens found that only 2% of human characters in Seuss’ books were people of color. And all of these characters, they say, were depicted through racist caricatures.

The Washington Post ran two op-eds defending the decision to cancel Dr. Seuss titled: “The Time is Right to Cancel Dr. Seuss’s Racists Books,” and “If Curtailing Racist Imagery in Dr. Seuss is Cancel Culture, What, Exactly, is Your Culture?”

In “The Time is Right to Cancel Dr. Seuss Racists Books,” Ron author Ron Charles wrote, “After years of earnest efforts to create a more just society, the persistence of racist groups in America — given new energy by the rise of Donald Trump — has made many people realize that more aggressive steps must be taken to counter these attitudes. There’s been a heightened awareness of the way racism is subtly inscribed in our culture, including in our children’s books. Publishers have been trying to undo the damage with titles such as Ibram X. Kendi’s ‘Antiracist Baby,’ Bobbi Kates’s ‘We’re Different, We’re the Same,’ and Chana Ginelle Ewing’s ‘An ABC of Equality.’”

See, there it is, proof that the Left is trying to cancel Dr. Seuss and other classic youth literature and replace those books with leftist propaganda like Ibram X. Kedni’s “Antiracist Baby.” Kendi is one of the leading activists of the antiracist movement, which sounds like a nice concept, but is really an attack on white people, forcing recognition that the Left is correct and white people need to atone for their many sins.

The National Education Association, who created Read Across America Day, recommended “diverse” books for teachers to read their students in categories such as “African American book list, American/Indian/Alaska native/first nations tiles, Diverse books about trailblazing women, and LGBTQ recommended reading.

So woke…so woke.

Kids are being taught diversity for diversity’s sake, not actual good literature.

If you have children or grandchildren, go out and buy every Dr. Seuss book you can find and read them to your kids. They will be better for it.