Over the past 9 days, I’m not sure I’ve let a single article go by where I didn’t discuss the factual reasons why the left should not be celebrating a Biden presidency.

If you’ve read any of them, you know three things: 1) The electoral college has not yet met to pledge their votes deciding the next president, 2) This election is contested, and 3) The Trump campaign is challenging illegal votes in court.

For all of those reasons, Biden is not President-Elect, but that’s not the main point I want to make in this article.

One issue that is going severely overlooked by most Americans because of all the election chaos, is the fact that the mainstream media is working overtime to control and suppress our thoughts.

Rather than letting us form our own opinions and come to our own conclusions on the election, they are trying to force us into using their filter in how we think about it.

Why you may ask?

They are clearly pushing a very biased narrative, regardless of facts of the matter, to shape public opinion to side with the left.

Similar to how there is a “transition of power” from one president to the next, the media is attempting a “transition of power” to sway the public opinion from a Trump presidency to a Biden presidency.

Here, I’ll outline three distinct ways they are accomplishing that.

Public Transition Step 1: Calling the Election for Biden

The biggest way the mainstream media is attempting to brainwash the American public into believing Biden will be president is by simply stating the lie that Biden won the election.

Despite that the states have not certified their votes and the electoral college hasn’t pledged votes, the MSM insists that Biden is the irrefutable winner.

They say that there is no evidence for voter fraud and they say they cannot show White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s briefings on ongoing litigation. Why? Because that would refute the narrative they want you to believe.

Public Transition Step 2: Reporting that Trump is Making Post-Election Plans

Now that the public is supposed to believe that Biden won, the next step naturally would be to hear what Trump plans to do next.

Although it has yet to be confirmed by any family member or Trump himself is the rumor that he is making plans for his career moves after he leaves office.

Obviously, this rumor assumes that Trump is in fact leaving office – which is yet to be determined.

The rumor that several news outlets are reporting is that Trump is going to start “Trump TV” and take all Fox News’ primetime hosts with him.

By reporting this as the truth from unknown “sources”, they are sowing doubt in the public’s mind that Trump has any chance at remaining president. And even further than that – he is making plans to accept his loss.

Public Transition Step #3: Reporting that the GOP Wants to Give Biden Intelligence Briefings

Now that the public is supposed to believe that Biden won and Trump is making plans to leave office, we are now expected to accept that Biden should be let in on intelligence briefings, since he is taking on the presidency, after all.

Reports are circulating that an increasing number of GOP Senators want to begin giving Biden intelligence information.

So, this is the step where we, the American public, are supposed to believe Biden should have intelligence briefings because even the GOP agrees.

If both the Democrats and Republicans say he should have them, then the public should agree (the media implies).

What the media does not tell you is that the Republican Senators’ comments on the matter were taken out of context. Many of them said that IF Biden does in fact end up winning, then yes he should have the briefings.

Rejecting the Media Matrix

Although this is the alternate reality the mainstream media wants us all to experience, we must reject it as it does not reflect the facts.

Simply put, they are not reporting reality.

The facts remain as follows: Biden is not president-elect, Trump has no confirmed plans other than legally winning the election, and most GOP Senators do not approve Biden having intelligence briefings.

The media is literally reporting fake, and at best, misleading, news.

They want to frame the election as if Biden won – for reasons we can only speculate.

While we can assume they have something nefarious up their sleeve, it’s vital that we stay vigilant to their disinformation campaign against President Trump and combat it with truth when given the opportunity.