Don Lemon’s pending sexual assault case must be weighing heavily on his mind…

Lately, the man seems to be wound a little tight.

Of course, when you’ve got a lawsuit that could cost you millions of dollars, you’re going to feel the pressure.

Then again…

Nobody thought that Don Lemon was the most stable man on CNN to begin with—but it’s always revealing when he lets that part of himself shine in the national spotlight.

Of course…

Him being a Liberal shill doesn’t help him at all.

If you were to watch his horrible show, you’d think that it was called “Trump Is Terrible Tonight.” All he ever talks about is how terrible a person Trump is.

It’s God awful…

And it doesn’t really inform.

Rather, it tries to either beat the Left’s drum and turn any fence-sitters against the president.

Very rarely does he have somebody on his show that challenges him on his anti-Trump rhetoric.

It’s an echo chamber of Liberal thought and newspeak.

Lemon’s Never-ending Trump Hate

To support that goal…

Some of Lemon’s very favorite guests are the never-Trumper Republicans. When he interviews these people, they get to revel in their unmitigated and unfounded hate for the president, even though their politics don’t see eye to eye.

Recently, he had one of the most prominent never-Trumpers on his program – former Congressman, former governor of Ohio, and 2016 GOP candidate John Kasich.

John Kasich is a little different from your regular never-Trumpers…

He’ll call balls and strikes on the president, giving him credit when he feels that credit is due.

And it was this ability to call balls and strikes that seemed to trigger Don Lemon so hard he practically broke into tears on his show.

They were discussing Trump’s recent address about the coronavirus and giving their thoughts on it…

And believe it or not, Kasich gave Trump a high grade for the speech.

Rather than talk it out with the former governor…

Lemon decided to throw a tantrum like a two-year-old instead of the 54-year-old man he is (WHICH is impressive, since he looks like he’s in his early thirties – so kudos for Lemon for finding the Fountain of Youth).

When asked about Trump’s address, Kasich said, “I thought it was fine. You can disagree with me. I thought he had the right tone. He’s trying to move forward because he understands the seriousness of this situation. Now the fact that they clarified [something]. It isn’t unusual in a speech for somebody to clarify something, OK? But I don’t think that the tone he showed tonight takes away from some clarification. He set a serious tone. That’s what I wanted out of him for a long time. And I think we got it.”

If you turn off the volume you can SEE the moment Lemon’s heart breaks and his brain explodes.

Lemon’s Head IMPLODES!

He fired back at Kasich, “I don’t know if he stuck to the script or not, but whatever script he read was wrong because they had to clarify it several times! And I’ve just got to say if the president came out to calm people’s fears, he didn’t do a good job of it!”

That was what Lemon was harping on…

The reason they needed to clarify. Almost ANY speech a president gives needs verification. It’s why they often hold press conferences afterward. To CLARIFY, Don…

Not everybody gets it the first time around.

Lemon went into a few different tirades after that, saying the president was misleading the American people, even though he just read what was in front of him.

Misleading the people is what Lemon does EVERY night.

And if a never-Trumper like Kasich was satisfied with the speech, why is it not enough for Lemon?

We’ll tell you…

It’s because he’s got Trump Derangement Syndrome to the Nth degree.

He’ll NEVER have ONE good thing to say about the president…

But that won’t surprise anybody who’s ever seen a clip of his show.

Maybe we’ll be lucky and he’ll get some jail time after his sexual assault lawsuit is all done.

We can dream, can’t we?


“I don’t know anybody that’s not emotionally unstable or schizophrenic.” – Lauryn Hill