Affirmative Action has always been an unconstitutional policy, regardless of what the Supreme Court says, especially when it comes to college acceptance. Placing racial qualities over personal merit, it allows black college applicants to cut to the front of the line over white and Asian students. According to new investigative findings, some of the most prominent universities in the country–places like Yale, Harvard, and other institutions–are numbered among the worst offenders.

All students should be judged by the same enrollment criteria instead of receiving preferential treatment because of the color of their skin alone. Now, after many years of these policies taking root, the Trump Department of Justice is fighting back. They are going after Yale University for discriminating against white and Asian student applicants (watch Liberals’ heads explode over this).

The Wall Street Journal reported, “The Justice Department said Yale University has discriminated against Asian-American and white applicants, issuing its findings roughly two years after opening an investigation into the school’s admissions practices.

The department said Thursday that it found Yale discriminates based on race and national origin, violating federal civil-rights law, and that race was the “determinative factor” in hundreds of admissions decisions each year. It said for the majority of applicants, Asian-American and white students have one-tenth to one-fourth the likelihood of being admitted as African-American applicants with comparable academic credentials.

“Yale rejects scores of Asian American and white applicants each year based on their race, whom it otherwise would admit,” the Justice Department said.

Sadly, many of the African American students who are applying to colleges aren’t ready for prime time. That isn’t completely their fault. They are being forced to go to failing public schools and receive a poor education. However, that doesn’t mean they should be admitted to college if they don’t qualify—no one of any race should if they don’t meet university standards.

Walter Williams highlighted this issue when he wrote, “Ballou High School is in Washington, D.C. Five percent of its students test proficient in reading and 1% test proficient in math. In 2017, all 189 students in Ballou High School’s senior class applied to college. All 189 members of the graduating class of 2017 were accepted to universities. In November 2017, an investigation showed that half of Ballou’s 2017 graduates had more than three months of unexcused absences. One in five of the graduating class was absent more than present, therefore missing more than 90 days of school…

I cannot imagine that students who are not proficient in reading and math can do real college work. In a futile attempt to make up for 12 years of rotten education, colleges put these students in remedial courses. They also design courses with little or no true academic content. Colleges have their own agendas. They want the money that comes from admitting these students. Also, they want to make their diversity and multiculturalism administrators happy.”

Affirmative Action has been ruled largely Constitutional by the Supreme Court. The ludicrous ruling of the high court established Affirmative Action as a legal policy in 2003.

The New York Times reported, “In Grutter v. Bollinger, the court upheld the use of race as a factor in the university’s law school[University of Michigan]  admissions, saying it helped achieve a ‘critical mass’ of minority students. But the decision foresaw a day, perhaps 25 years in the future, when race-conscious admissions would no longer be necessary.

In Gratz v. Bollinger, however, the court struck down a system of undergraduate admissions that automatically awarded 20 points, a fifth of those needed to guarantee admission, to ‘underrepresented minorities’ — African-Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans. The court said the point system was not individualized enough and violated the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.”

Racism is racism, no matter if policies are intended to hurt blacks or whites. It is not fair that Yale admitted students that didn’t earn their way in on merit over others who did qualify simply because they didn’t fit their woke diversity requirement. Maybe it’s time we defund public universities? Just a thought.