Did you know that Joe Biden’s Department of Justice is now taking over duties for the Supreme Court of the United States?

I know that sounds like it should be the biggest news story to break in decades…and yet this is probably the first you’re hearing about it.

The spontaneous redistribution of the Constitutional responsibilities of the federal government without the consent of the people should grab headlines everywhere…but that’s what’s happening right now before our very eyes, and most people are none the wiser.

Of course, the fact that this is taking effect during the COVID chaos in the US hasn’t gone unnoticed either.

But what is it the Left says?

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”?

All levity aside, it seems we’re witnessing a power grab of the highest order, carried out by people in the Biden administration that feel it is THEIR job to say what is and isn’t “legal” for the federal government to do.

That was once the indisputable duty of the Supreme Court…but now those decisions are in being deferred to Joe Biden’s Department of Justice.

Biggest Power Grab Of Our Time

The DOJ has just issued an opinion stating its affirmation of federal law allowing both public and private employers to require workers to get COVID-19 vaccines that are under emergency use authorization by the FDA.

How does that sit?

The Department of Justice has just made the definitive call about a legal issue in the United States of America.

Not a court…not a judge…the Department of Justice.

This is an important and concerning step.

Why? Because this judgment upholds California and New York City’s governments, as well as the Department of Veterans Affairs, requiring that all of their employees be vaccinated.

Talk about a power grab.

This could be the worst violation of American rights we’ve seen in decades.


It does more than just give the federal government the power to dictate whether employees have to be vaccinated in order to have a job. It also means that private businesses and other public agencies can issue their own vaccine mandates, and the DOJ won’t say a word.

This could be the end of free choice and free will here in America.

This Is How America Dies?

Now, that may sound pretty melodramatic, but that’s exactly what we’re facing here if we allow the Department of Justice to dictate what is and isn’t legal for the federal government to do.


Because AG Merrick Garland says that’s what’s going to happen!

The opinion from earlier this month found that the law concerning emergency use authorizations “does not prohibit entities from imposing vaccination requirements.”

It’s an interpretation

But it’s going to stand because there’s no one will contest it.

It’s amazing that this is an underreported story, because it should be something that is being broadcast everywhere.

This is the very thing that we’ve always said would happen.

People willing to give up their own personal freedom for some temporary safety, and the DOJ is taking full advantage.

However, this DOJ announcement is actually ten times WORSE because it’s not about giving up your freedom for safety. It’s about people in power—some elected and some appointed—willing to REMOVE the American people’s freedoms and liberties simply for the illusion of safety.

As we all know, this vaccine does NOT protect you from COVID!

The vaccinated are getting the virus, transmitting it to others, and even DYING just like the unvaccinated.

How does having the jab put us in the different boats?

We’re all in the same boat…

And now that boat is heading over the falls into LITERAL fascism.

This is what they wanted…

And this is what we have to contend with.

God help us…


“The real enemy of safety is not non-compliance but non-thinking.” – Rob Long