Just like the Democrats “fortified” the election, as stated in the infamous Time Magazine article bragging about the rigged election, Biden’s DOJ reportedly had secret plans to guarantee that the Derek Chauvin trial produced the outcome they wanted.

Let’s face it, the Left has no interest in the integrity of America’s rule of law, the U.S. Constitution, or due process. With radical Leftist Democrats in positions of power, law is just a technicality they can warp to fit their needs for any reason at any given time.

They are only interested in securing the outcome that benefits them whether it’s the presidential election or a criminal trial.

In a shocking report, the Star Tribune, a Minneapolis-based news outlet, published on Thursday that the DOJ had secret plans to arrest Derek Chauvin after the trial regardless of the court’s verdict, according to multiple reputable sources.

Star Tribune reported that if Chauvin was found not guilty on all three murder and manslaughter charges of George Floyd, or if the case ended in a mistrial, federal officers planned to arrest him at the courthouse on federal police brutality charges. Minnesota’s U.S. Attorney’s Office would have charged Chauvin by criminal complaint in order to arrest him immediately before asking for a grand jury for indictment on their charges.

The DOJ allegedly spent months gathering evidence for these charges in the event he was let off on state charges. However, since the judge found the defendant guilty on all charges last week after weeks of proceedings, the plan became null.

Now that Chauvin is indicted and awaiting sentencing, federal prosecutors plan to charge him and the other officers involved with civil rights violations.

Talk about a witch-hunt! Biden’s authoritarian Justice Department made secret plans to potentially arrest and charge a private citizen in the event that the state found him to be innocent.

That should scare all Americans who have ever been falsely marked by delusional progressives as an “insurrectionist,” “white supremacist,” or “racist.”

Because if the DOJ is simply going to override court rulings that determine whether a person is innocent or guilty, then we’ve lost due process in America and the Left is going to get you one way or another.