Over the past few years, how many times have you heard the term “systemic racism” used?

If you’re anything like me, the answer is “too many times.”

But there’s an inherent problem with how the Left seems to want to use this term in that they don’t seem to understand what “systemic” means.

Oh, they love the term and say it frequently. They like the way it sounds—but the fact that overuse it so much is the biggest reason why I don’t think that they have any idea of what they’re talking about.


Because in order for something to be considered “systemic” racism, there needs to be POLICY behind it.

It needs to be a part of the actual “system” for it to be considered “systemic”—but most Liberals use this vague term to paint any issue that comes up between suspects and police officers.

The shooting of Michael Brown?

Systemic racism…

The shooting of Breonna Taylor?

Systemic racism…

The death of George Floyd?

Systemic racism…

And now they’re calling the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant by police officers in Ohio “systemic” racism as well.

However, these same people fail to produce the facts of these cases, which show that all of these alleged victims were also involved in criminal activity, either currently in the act or under investigation.

This means that the police presence at the time of the incident had nothing to do with color, but rather with the crime committed.

Does Systemic Racism Exist In America?

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about…

The real question is whether systemic racism actually exists in the United States.

Now, does racism exist in our country?


It’s an evil that will never be expunged, and as long as there are differences between people, prejudice and bigotry will always exist in the minds and hearts of some.

This evil needs to be called out wherever it is found because bringing this evil to light often helps destroy it.

Americans were doing a very good job calling out racists and bigots over the last 30-40 years…

With each year that has gone by, I’ve gotten to watch happily as our country became less and less racist as we moved towards and then through the Millennium.

However, something happened in 2012 that changed everything.

During the Obama presidency, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by self-appointed neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, and race relations began breaking down.

Even though Zimmerman wasn’t white, it suddenly became a white vs. black issue.

After that, any violent white-on-black incident—whether justifiable or not—was plastered all over our mainstream and social media.

It was like the Trayvon Martin shooting created a “market” for sensationalized violence and the term “systemic” racism started being used everywhere we looked.

However, they’re using the wrong term.

If there is ANY racism being perpetrated in any of these cases, then at the most it’s the racism of the individual, not the system.

Proof That Systemic Racism Doesn’t Exist In America

I can prove this.

Here’s a challenge: point to one law or policy that dictates the treatment of one race differently than another.

Just one…

Show one law or policy that forces law enforcement to treat one race differently than another.

Show a law where the punishment levied out by the legal system dictates harsher treatment for one race over another.

Here’s God’s honest truth…

That’s not something you’ll be able to do here in America.

Our laws and policies are purposefully blind to race, color, religion, or gender.

Yet, that’s what the Liberals say…


Because they want to attack the system! They want to destroy the “system” as it is so they can rebuild it in their own image.

They want to rip up the US Constitution and write their own document to turn us into the Socialist States of America.

The “system” isn’t racist…

The “system” works OVER 99% of the time, and gets better with each passing year.

They don’t want you to think that, though…

They want you to hate the system and everything about it—those who designed it and those who defend it—and they will continue with this narrative until they either get what they want or get enough resistance that they give up their lunacy.

Don’t believe them…

America is the greatest country on earth. It’s the greatest country to have ever existed and if that means I get labeled a “nationalist,” then so be it.

It’s the truth…

And if I’m going to get persecuted for the truth, then I’m glad it’s one based on freedom.


“He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” – Thomas Paine