Republicans oppose mail-in voting because of the powerful threat it poses to the integrity of America’s election process. Were the system to be implemented for the 2020 election, they say, it would essentially be enabling inevitable voter fraud. Democrats, on the other hand, have consistently pushed the idea of mail-in voting throughout the pandemic since the known fraud seems to conveniently result in their favor.

However, in typical Democrat fashion, they are starting to contradict their own calls to deter Americans from voting in-person at the polls because of—you guessed it—Donald Trump.

On Friday, Trump-backed GOP donor and recently-appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced controversial leadership shakeups in the U.S. Postal Service that have Democrats terrified. Under DeJoy’s USPS organizational restructuring, 23 postal executives were reassigned different roles in the agency.

Following the move, new resistance to a Trump-aligned Postal Service manifested over the weekend from Democrats worried about the future of their ability to rig the presidential election.

On the same day, seven Democrat lawmakers sent a letter to the Inspector General requesting an investigation into DeJoy’s actions because, “These delays also pose a threat to the November election, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, when millions of Americans are expected to choose to vote by mail rather than wait in long lines on Election day,” they wrote.

Other prominent Democrats including a former senior adviser to President Obama expressed worries about mail-in voting. Dan Pfeiffer said in his newsletter that he is “officially very concerned about Trump using mail delays to steal a close election.”

Even Obama himself accused Trump of “undermining the Postal Service in the runup to an election that is going to be dependent on mailed-in ballots,” because of the public’s fear of catching the coronavirus.

While Democrats navigate this confusing time for their party, Republicans are also expressing grave concern about how an influx of mail-in ballots will impact the 2020 election, as they have said consistently since the Left started pushing vote by mail.

On Monday, Fox News reported that the Republican National Committee filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court regarding requirements for mail-in ballots.

The RNC is asking the court to make a decision on a case involving signature and witness requirements for mail-in voting, prior to August 12th which is the day ballots are sent out. This effectively challenges an attempt to eliminate Rhode Island’s state requirements for witnesses and notaries.

Chairwoman of the RNC Ronna McDaniel has continually spoken out against widespread mail-in voting across the country due to the lack of infrastructure to properly accommodate it. McDaniel believes that not only could it easily lead to voter fraud, but we don’t have enough counting machines or enough personnel to accurately count millions of votes on such short notice.

Other members of the GOP have raised similar concerns about the implications of flipping the way America votes upside down during an election year, rather than waiting to attempt election reform via legislation in a non-election year.

With the high level of concern that Republicans and Democrats are proposing about voting by mail, it seems fair to say a bipartisan opposition to mail-in voting may be stirring. The Democrats only support something if they think they can control it, and mail-in voting is no exception. So, if they can’t be in control because a Republican Postmaster General is throwing wrenches in their plans, they may very well begin to backtrack their vast enthusiasm for mail-in voting.

Perhaps the Left’s irrational fear of everything related to Trump will finally play into Republicans’ favor in the vote-by-mail debacle and result in a national push for in-person voting.