The Second Amendment is under attack by Leftists who are working day and night to disarm the American people and demolish our constitutional rights. It has never been more obvious than now that they want to flip the power structure by putting criminals in charge. What started with calls to defund law enforcement turned into outrights abolishing the police, and now the Left wants to kill the most powerful gun advocacy group in the country.

On Thursday, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a massive lawsuit in Manhattan state court against the National Rifle Association and its leadership after an 18-month investigation. If successful, the legal action is intended to be powerful enough to dissolve the NRA in its entirety.

James held a press conference to announce the lawsuit where she stated, “It’s clear that the NRA has failed to carry out its stated mission for many years, instead it has operated as a breeding ground for greed, abuse, and brazen illegality.” James continued, “Today we send a strong and loud message that no one is above the law, not even the NRA, one of the most powerful organizations,” she said.

James’ primary accusation against the NRA is that they violated state law concerning nonprofit organizations as “top executives funneled millions into their own pockets” making them “fraught with fraud and abuse.”

The four defendants named in the lawsuit include Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, as well as the NRA’s former treasurer, chief of staff, and general counsel.

The NRA’s President issued a strong response to James’ accusations, which was then posted to social media. Defending themselves, the organization described her attacks as a “baseless, premeditated attack on our organization and the Second Amendment freedoms it fights to defend.”

The NRA slammed the “transparent attempt to score political points” that is a “desperate move that is part of a rank political vendetta.” They ended their statement by vowing to, “confront [this fight] and prevail.”

Remember the last time the Left demanded justice after accusing the Right of thinking they are “above the law?” That resulted in Donald Trump’s impeachment – and subsequent acquittal. I predict a similar exoneration will happen for the NRA.

While the evidence James alleges that she has is yet to be revealed, we have to remember that accusations alone are not enough to implicate someone. But, to the Left, that’s all that’s required. It would not surprise me if this were yet another Democrat “nothing-burger” intended to make themselves appear to their voter base as if they are doing something. They always seem to wait until election year to get up and pretend like they are coming through on their promises when in reality, it’s just an illusion.

Nevertheless, conservatives should still take this as seriously as ever in order to overcome this attack on our constitutional rights. We can’t sit back while we let other people battle it out. We should actively defend our Second Amendment rights and show the power-hungry Left that, if they want our guns, they will have to “come and take them.”

Keep in mind that George Washington once said, “When any nation mistrusts its citizens with guns, it is sending a clear message. It no longer trusts its citizens because such a government has evil plans.”