Let me start off by saying I support the Second Amendment 100%, and I also carry a gun with me every single day. I hold a concealed carry permit and never leave home without at least one gun on my waist. For that reason, I actually find myself a little surprised by the article I’m about to present to you today…but I’m not sure how I feel about constitutional carry.

There is a movement related to guns that has swept through almost 20 states so far, and I’m having a hard time determining where I stand.

For example, Texans will soon be able to openly carry a handgun without a license after the state’s legislature passed a bill that repeals requirements for carrying a handgun.

Current law requires fingerprints, four hours of training, and the passing of a written exam and shooting proficiency test in order to carry a handgun. Constitutional carry laws bypass all of that.

The right to bear arms is one of the most important rights you have as an American. However, looking that the new legislation, I find myself unsure of whether I want every American to bear arms.

Let me explain.

A handgun is one of the deadliest weapons available and it CANNOT be taken lightly.  It needs to be treated as a tool that can easily kill anything it is pointed at…because that’s what it’s designed to do.

If you are not a modern handgun owner, you may not know this, but almost all handguns no longer have safety switches on them.

This means that they are always ready to fire; you just have to pull the trigger.

There is a lot of responsibility when carrying around a deadly weapon that is ready to fire and/or kill at any time.

Because of this, I actually disagree with letting people carry around a gun without any sort of training or licensure.  I don’t even like that the current licensing system is so easy and doesn’t require more than one bullet to be fired. That’s all the “firing test” is…shooting ONE bullet! And constitutional carry doesn’t even require THAT!

Sitting in a classroom talking about when you can use a weapon for defense is important, but more important is the ability to actually shoot the gun correctly and responsibly.

If you have ever been to a gun range, you understand that 80% of the people there show horrible gun-handling skills.  Not only can they barely hit a target but they show complete inability to safely handle the gun even while not shooting it.

And these are just the people at a gun range—the people actually bothering to try to improve. Imagine the people that don’t go to a gun range but still carry guns.

That’s what constitutional carry laws allow.

If I am sitting in a room and everyone has a gun on their belt just because it’s legal for them to have it, I have to admit that I’d be a little worried.  I would have zero confidence in their ability to properly handle that firearm.

Most people think that a bullet stops when it hits a wall or object.  Just watch some robbery videos of people shooting trying to hit someone that is hiding behind a checkout counter or behind a wall.

Nine out of ten times, you can shoot through the counter or wall to hit the person, but people in gunfights don’t do this simply because their “gun training” is what they see in the movies.

But back to the main point…

If you can’t take a few hours of your life to go through a little training so that you are allowed to carry a killer tool on your hip, then, in my opinion, you don’t deserve to.

At least with open carry, properly-trained gun owners like me can keep an eye on them.

Guns can go a long way towards making people safer, and the Second Amendment gives us all the right to carry them…but when we’re exercising that right, let’s make sure we do it smartly and safely too.

That’s the only way constitutional carry will actually make us safer and freer as Americans.