Man, people love to talk about Donald Trump.

He’s been out of the public eye now for a little over six months, and yet there are still thousands of journalists and reporters who simply can’t resist biting on a story that may involve the former president.

We get it, though.

Trump sells.

He’s like the next best thing to a sex scandal for the mainstream media but it’s hard to take any of their “reporting” seriously when they spent so many years pushing a false narrative as the “truth.”

When you do that, you lose trust—and for many Americans, the trust that they once had in American journalism has given way to disbelief, dismissiveness and disgust.

The days of taking a reporter seriously are gone.

Now, people simply read the news sources that most align with their political beliefs. They’re not looking for the truth anymore. They’re looking for validation and affirmation amongst their peers.

But for most Conservatives, validation and acceptance have never been our goals.

Freedom And TRUTH

Freedom? Yes…

Truth? Most definitely…

But for the most part, Conservatives couldn’t care less whether our views are accepted or validated by the masses.

In fact, the more against-the-grain our ideals go, the better. In the majority of cases, Conservatives would rather hold out for the truth than accept a watered-down, biased, or false narrative.

However, reality being what it is, we have to deal with what we’re given.

The rumor mill is churning out Trump rumors again…and like it or not, we have to address them.

A report put forth by Leftist rag “The Beast” is saying that the former president has called a few of the officers who testified at the sham committee hearing on the 1/6 riot “p***ies,” and claims that he believes they’re being exploited by his political enemies.

The Beast says that this conversation happened sometime “this summer” and that Trump has said to people close to him that the officers that Nancy Pelosi hand-picked to testify were “broken” by the events of the riot. These anonymous sources further say that Trump insists these officers don’t display the generalized “toughness” that most people associate with being a law enforcement officer.

Sources also say that Trump has alleged that these police officers are allowing themselves to be used as political pawns by Democrats (for which he pities them), are clueless about what’s happening, or are biased Democrats themselves.

Quit Your Crying

And to all this, we say…“So what?”

Did you watch the interviews with those officers?

Did you watch the tears and faux anger expressed by these four hand-picked witnesses?

Calling them “pu**ies” may not be appropriate, but is it inaccurate? Is it surprising to hear, given how Trump has always spoken about things?

Who CARES what he called these men?

Honestly, it’s not a castigation of the entire Capitol Hill police force, let alone law enforcement officers as a whole.

He’s talking about four men.


Men may or may NOT be a part of a narrative to make Conservatives look like “terrorists” and “insurrectionists” – and the media is trying to make it seem like this is how Trump feels about all law enforcement.

We know this because they tried to turn the military against him in 2020, similarly saying he called them “losers and suckers”—a claim that was debunked almost instantly, yet they continue to push.

This is right out of their playbook.

This is them trying to use these officers to drum up sympathy for their narrative.

Here’s the thing…

These four men COULD be pu**ies. They could be heroes. They could be a lot of different things…

Calling them such isn’t such a bad thing.

You want to change the perception of these people?

Let’s get down to the truth!

Let’s interview MORE than just these four guys. Let’s interview EVERY officer and Capitol Hill staffer who was working that day. Let’s see how they feel about what happened and not just Pelosi’s people.

You want people to stop seeing these people as “crybabies” and “pu**ies? Let’s get down to the truth.

Let’s find out who is and isn’t telling the truth…

And then you can ASK Trump how he feels.

I’m sure he’ll tell you everything you want to know.



“All men are timid on entering any fight. Whether it is the first or the last fight, all of us are timid. Cowards are those who let their timidity get the better of their manhood.” – George S. Patton