The Democrats can’t give up the Trump-Russia investigation. They have too much invested in the hoax to let it go.

They are so desperate that they dredged up a convicted felon to testify against President Trump. The deplorable Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) called former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean to testify in front of his show trial committee.

Dean is an opportunist who has made a fortune of exploiting his crime and selling out of Richard Nixon.

Nadler brought a witness in front of his committee, who had no direct knowledge of the case, however, that wasn’t why Nadler invited Dean to testify.

He used Dean as a propaganda witness to advance the Democratic narrative that this is the biggest crisis since Watergate. His job was to compare Trump-Russia to the events of Watergate.

Keep in mind that Dean HATES Republicans, he has made a living on CNN and in books, writing about his disdain for conservatives.

Trump isn’t the first Republican president to be a target of Dean. George W. Bush was the subject of a Dean book titled “Worse Than Watergate: the Secret Presidency of George W. Bush.”

Dean never misses an opportunity to use his role in Watergate as a way to target Republican presidents.

He also wrote a book titled “Conservatives without Conscience,” which chronicled so-called authoritarian elements of the movement.

As you can see, this man is not a credible witness. He has no relevance to the Mueller investigation, and he is a partisan hack.

For those of you who may not remember John Dean’s role in the Watergate scandal, here is a brief recap.

John Dean’s Role in Obstructing the Watergate Investigation

John Dean was the White House Counsel for President Richard Nixon. Dean was made aware of the Committee to re-elect the president’s efforts to break into the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate Complex in Washington, D.C.

Dean proceeded to participate in a cover-up of the events and destroyed evidence. He eventually turned on Nixon when he assumed he was going to be the fall guy for the cover-up.

Dean went on to testify against Nixon in front of the Senate. He held himself up as a hero with a conscience, when in fact, he was trying to save his own skin. He has been cashing in on this fake persona ever since.

Dean Testified in Front of House Committee, Comparing Trump to Nixon

On Monday, Dean testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee. He compared the findings of the Mueller report to the Watergate investigation.

He testified that, “In many ways the Mueller report is to President Trump what the so-called Watergate road map … was to President Richard Nixon … Mueller has provided this committee a road map.”

Dean tried to claim that Trump obstructed justice, citing comparisons to the actions of Richard Nixon.

Except there is one problem with that comparison: Nixon was covering up a crime; Trump committed no crime.

Apparently, Dean didn’t read the Mueller report, if he would have he would know that Mueller found no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.

Dean compared Trump’s treatment of his White House Counsel, Don McGahn, to the way Nixon treated him.

He told the lawmakers that “this is much like Richard Nixon’s attempt to get me to write a phony report exonerating the White House from any involvement in Watergate … since I had conducted no such investigation, I resisted months of repeated efforts to get me to write a bogus report.”

No, that isn’t true.

Dean didn’t want to write the report because he would have had to implicate himself in it, it wasn’t because of his personal integrity.

The Democrats will call up the White House janitor from the Watergate era, if that person would compare Trump to Nixon.

They are desperate; it is pathetic.

President Trump summed up the Dean show trial the best, when he tweeted, “Can’t believe they are bringing in John Dean who is a paid CNN contributor. No collusion-No obstruction! Democrats just want a do-over which they’ll never get!”

Unfortunately, they will continue to try for a “do-over.” It is the hoax that will never end.