For years, Republican leaders were timid in the face of the biased mainstream media. Party leaders from George W. Bush to John McCain to Mitt Romney allowed the press to beat them up and they refused to fight back.

Then, along came Donald Trump. Trump shoved the media’s BS right back in their faces and he broke their minds in the process. They went hysterical and suffered from Stage-Four Trump Derangement Syndrome since before he even took office.

Now that Trump has left the stage—for now— many conservatives have fretted about a return to pre-Trump timidity in the Republican Party. Would anyone fill the fighter void and defend conservatives from the Left-wing media?

Well, there is one Republican leader who might be just the guy for the job.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t pull any punches with the media. He displayed this again this week when he pushed back at a reporter who defended social media censorship of conservatives by saying that these conservatives “did something that provoked the platform.”

DeSantis was announcing proposed legislation to punish Big Tech for their censorship, and he unleashed on the poor reporter. DeSantis unleashed the Kraken by stating the following:

“Well, I think it’s been done in a way that’s completely unprincipled. They mentioned the Hunter Biden (story.) The Hunter Biden story was true, okay? We now know it was true. And the typical corporate media outlets, they just chose to ignore it; obviously they wanted to beat Trump. They had a view on the election. They didn’t want to give it any air. So we rely on social media to go around that, not let corporate legacy media outlets control the discourse and let us speak.

So you had the New York Post to run it and you couldn’t get any traction; you couldn’t get any reach on it because Big Tech put their thumb on the scale.

So that was true. What they said at the time, ‘Oh, it’s a conspiracy,’ or, ‘It’s based on hacked information.’ Are you kidding me? You’re trying to tell me if there was hacked information that could damage me, you guys wouldn’t print it? Give me a break. You can whiz on my leg, but don’t tell me it’s raining. You guys would print it every single day if you could. And Big Tech would allow it to proliferate every single day, 24/7.

So it’s not being done on a principled basis, and it’s not — there’s threats on me. And it only gets taken down if law enforcement goes and tells them to do it. Otherwise, it just stays up. They’re not moderating any of that. So they haven’t done a good job in it; the thumb’s always on the scale in one direction, and we just need to bring, we just need to bring some protection for folks. I really, really worry that when you have a business owner that may rely on some of these tools to do small business, if they engage in wrongthink or they go to the wrong political event, then all of a sudden, they (Big Tech) can act in concert and take you off, you need to have protection against that.”

Geez, don’t get on Ron DeSantis’ bad side. This reporter and the rest of the media hacks need to face more push back on a daily basis. They are not being held to account for their bias and are truly the “enemy of the people.” They don’t seek to investigate and distribute factual information they seek to harm conservatives and prop up favored liberal candidates.

This has to stop, and conservative leaders need to follow Governor DeSantis’ lead and stand up to these people.

If DeSantis keeps it up, he might very well ride this wave to the Republican nomination in 2024. Stay tuned for updates on that front…