Florida’s governor recognizes that teachers are overwhelmed and underpaid, especially in today’s political climate, which puts pressure on educators to implement a Leftist agenda in the classroom. Teachers do more than just teach reading and writing to young kids: they act as arguably the biggest influence in kids’ lives aside from their own parents. On average, children spend about 40 hours per week with teachers day-in and day-out.

Children don’t simply learn academic subjects in school, either; they also receive much of their discipline there and learn how to communicate with others. It’s a second home. In addition to teaching subjects, discipline and social skills, teachers are also obligated to provide emotional support and cater to certain types of students – or otherwise risk their job. That’s a massive responsibility. Plus, teachers have little creative freedom in how they teach a curriculum. Rather, they’re required to implement whatever programs the state chooses, even if it’s in the form of Leftist propaganda. These dedicated educators deserve far more than a starting salary that puts them just above the poverty line.

On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB 641 “Funds for the Operations of Schools” into law, which entitles schoolteachers to higher pay. He signed the legislation after speaking at a press conference held at Mater Academy Charter School in Hialeah Gardens, Florida.

The bill will provide $400 million to raise teachers’ minimum salary to as close to $47,500 as possible, as county budgets permit. It will also allot $100 million to raise pay for veteran teachers as well as other instructional positions including school librarians and guidance counselors. Additionally, it will establish more reporting requirements for school boards, repeal the “Florida Best” programs, and provide school district bonuses for students who receive Advanced Placement Diplomas. Schools are set to receive the funding by as early as July 1st, 2020.

DeSantis celebrated his promise kept by stating, “So what we have today, what we’ll be signing, is a bill that will provide $500 million directly to teachers, all public school teachers in school districts or charter, and it will take Florida from No. 26 in the nation to No. 5 in the nation for average minimum salary,” DeSantis said. He hopes the bill will incentivize more college-age Floridians, “who may be young and thinking about what they want to do to maybe go into teaching, and not everyone needs to get rich doing it… you do it because you have a servant’s heart,” he contended, “but it sure makes it easier if you have a good minimum salary and are able to make ends meet.”

The bill was touted by the Commissioner Richard Corcoran, who described the bill, “What we say all the time is we’re the ‘education state’, and we have the ‘education governor,’ and you saw this piece of legislation. Not only does it move us to the top five, it is this the single largest teacher compensation package in the history of the state,” Corcoran said.

This pioneer move follows years of a nationwide teacher shortage amid ever-increasing classroom sizes. Schools desperately need this budget stimulus so they can compensate their educators and increase the teaching standard. Most importantly, it will encourage talented individuals to enter a rewarding career that will result in more well-educated students by creating a better atmosphere for them. Hopefully, this will inspire other states to do the same to increase the education standard for American students in urban and rural areas alike.