Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is fighting for freedom for both Americans and those subject to tyranny around the world.

Amid communist Cuba’s crackdown on protestors demonstrating against the regime, DeSantis wrote a letter on Thursday urging President Biden to “assist in providing internet access to the people of Cuba standing up against communist oppression and demanding a voice after decades of suffering under the yoke of a cruel dictatorship.”

Civil unrest in Cuba began last weekend as protestors took to the streets waving American flags and chanting “Libertad!” Spanish for “freedom.”

But it wasn’t long until the Cuban government began arresting and killing dissenters.

“As you know, the Cuban people are taking to the streets to protest the Communist regime, and the Cuban government has responded with violence,” said DeSantis. “At first, the world could see the images and videos of this mass movement, but now the tyrannical regime of President Miguel Díaz-Canel has shut off access to the Internet.”

Two days ago, the regime shut off internet for the entire country so they would not be able to post videos or contact the outside world.

“The Cuban people have lost their ability to communicate with one another, and many Floridians born in Cuba have no information on the safety of their loved ones,” he continued. “Equally as important, the world has also lost the ability to see what is happening on the ground as the Cuban people rise in support of freedom.”

DeSantis called on Biden to use existing technology “to provide Internet access into Cuba remotely.”

“Similar to the American efforts to broadcast radio into the Soviet Union during the Cold War in Europe, the federal government has a history of supporting the dissemination of information into Cuba for the Cuban people through Radio & Televisión Martí, located in Miami,” the governor added, revealing that this wouldn’t be the first time. “In addition to sending information, however, our efforts must include creating a means for the Cuban people to speak to the world.”

As “internet access for the Cuban people is of critical importance as they stand up against the repressive Communist government,” DeSantis urged Biden “to act immediately to provide all necessary authorizations, indemnifications, and funding to American businesses with the capability to provide Internet access for the people of Cuba. Steps must be taken immediately.”

However, since Cuba’s civil unrest began unfolding last weekend, Biden’s administration made it clear it intends to stand down when the DHS secretary announced the United States would not accept any Cuban political refugee to step foot on American soil.

Although Biden has not directly responded to DeSantis, it is unlikely the administration has any interest in advancing the cause of freedom in Cuba.