Man…raise your hand if you’re tired of all the bad news lately.

It seems like 2020 is just one catastrophe after another. The global pandemic led to a massive economic standstill, and then that gave way to riots in cities all over America.

It just seems like 2020 is continuing to be a year of bad news for everyone.

However, before we start sinking into the less-than-loving embrace of depression and sadness, let’s remember that the night is always darkest before the dawn. Every now and then, we see little flashes of light that remind us that the world hasn’t ended yet.

Take, for example, the fiery 103-year old grandmother who battled COVID-19 and won, and then downed a celebratory beer and watched a baseball game when all was said and done.

Or the announcement that neurobiologists have been able to REVERSE stroke damage, restoring mobility and sensation of touch in rats by reprogramming human skin cells and transplanting them into the brain.

This is incredible news!!

However, there’s a news story that may end up buried under the avalanche of negativity, but this one’s particularly relevant to the issues that are affecting America at this very moment.

A Bright Spot On A Cloudy Day

Most of the country is feeling in shock, horror, and sadness at the killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police officers. Cities outside of Minneapolis are dealing with riots and protests in the wake of Floyd’s death, and the negativity has been extensive.

But in all that, a good deed shines for all to see, and it comes from an unlikely beacon.

Actor Denzel Washington is something of an anomaly in Hollywood.

He’s never spoken out for or against a politician. He simply speaks about the truth he sees, which is admirable in this politically divisive landscape.

What makes this especially refreshing is the fact that Washington is one of America’s greatest living actors. He could safely use his platform to help whatever political groups he personally favors—most other celebrities do—but he chooses to remain neutral.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care or pay attention.

Recently, Washington went out of his way to help someone in need, even when he had no obligation to do so.  He could have just passed by and no one would have thought less of him.

But instead, he chose to get involved…and may have saved a life in the process.

So here’s what happened…

Good Guy Denzel To The Rescue

While driving in Los Angeles, Washington spotted an obviously-distressed homeless man walking in the middle of a busy intersection. Worried about the man’s safety, the Equalizer actor pulled over and guided the man out of the street.

Police were in the process of responding to the situation, and when they arrived, they found that the Good Samaritan had stayed, making sure everything was all right with the man while the police did their job.

Washington even went and got the man some food, then gave him a mask to protect himself from COVID.

When all was said and done, the man was sent on his way and the entire played out well for all involved. It also shows everyone that there is still a LOT of good left in this world.

If you want to brighten up your day, you can watch a video of the encounter for yourself:

It’s inspiring to watch. People need all the hope they can get these days, and watching the incredible actor take time out of his day to help someone he doesn’t know should inspire us to do the same.

It doesn’t take much.

One act of kindness each day can go a LONG way.

In a world full of Michael Moores and Alyssa Milanos, let’s strive to be a Denzel Washington—and hopefully we can make this a better place too.



“Don’t aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference.” – Denzel Washington