I can’t stand Cancel Culture…

It may be the worst part of the current political landscape we live in (next to fake news, that is).

However, over the past five-ish years, it seems that the whining of the mob (it doesn’t matter what side it’s on, even though it’s MOSTLY on the Left) has destroyed more careers and lives than it’s helped. Anytime people whine to companies or employers about their affiliation with people who upset them, other people suffer.

Let’s be honest…

Cancel Culture was created to get people with differing ideas punished, or at least removed from sight.


Because the mob wants to exist in an echo chamber that only reflects their own ideas and views…

The very thought of people with different attitudes or ideas scares them, and that makes them angry, giving them no other choice but to eliminate the trigger of their fear instead of addressing it for themselves.

If you’re in the public eye, odds are, you’re going to do or say something that is going to bring the wrath of the Cancel Culture down on your head—present company included.

All Of Our Heads Are On The Chopping Block

As a part of a publishing conglomerate, the writers of FreedomWire have to actively watch what we do and say. The truth is that there are people that we work with under a collective umbrella that would like nothing more than to see our voices silenced.

So, if we come across a funny meme or cartoon that may offend, we can’t post it, even to our personal social media pages, simply because it could cost us our jobs.

Of course, I would assume that our fearless Captain would go to bat for us…

But at the same time, the fear of lawsuits and boycotts are VERY real—and in 2020, they can appear at the drop of a hat.

For instance, Joe Rogan is dealing with that right now…

After Rogan signed the biggest podcast deal of all time with Spotify, the employees of the company are now making demands to management as an act of protest, including demanding FULL editorial control over the content on Joe Rogan’s show.

Meaning, if there’s something they don’t agree with, they want to be able to edit it in some way. Employees are even threatening to walk out and protest the company if they don’t comply.

If I were management, I’d tell those employees to hit the road. You don’t want to work for this company? You don’t have to. This is America and you can find employment elsewhere.

But it gets worse…

Do you remember when the woke Leftist mob said they were going to boycott Goya Foods for the owner’s support for Donald Trump?

Even though it backfired BIG time and stores almost couldn’t keep products in stock, it’s frightening that something as benign as support for a president can wind up making people actively try to destroy your business.

Even worse…

The mob will try to do it even when there was no actual offense!

The Mob Doesn’t Even KNOW Why They Want Something Canceled

Recently, veteran actor Dennis Quaid made a PSA with National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci simply to raise awareness for COVID-19.

It was a non-political conversation with Dr. Fauci, talking about the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus—yet for some unknown reason, the Leftist Cancel Culture came after Quaid with guns a-blazing.

The forced Quaid to give an explanation of what he did and why he did it…

In a video posted to his social media, titled, NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPOLITICIZED, Quaid said, “I have to say right now I am feeling some outrage and a lot of disappointment about a PSA and interview that I did with Dr. Anthony Fauci a few weeks ago. It is being used by the cancel culture media that I was doing a campaign ad and endorsement of Donald Trump and that I was paid handsomely for this by diverted CDC funds. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Though, even if he were paid or DID do an endorsement of Trump, who cares?!

The Rock just endorsed Biden. Where’s the outrage for that?

Quaid continued, “I did a PSA for Dr. Anthony Fauci, and he was kind of enough to grant me an interview as well. And the interview and PSA were about raising awareness of COVID-19 and what we can still do to prevent lives being lost by this terrible, terrible virus. It was about the importance of wearing a mask and social distancing. It was in no way political, and in fact, Dr. Fauci and I talked about it beforehand that it was not to be political. In fact, Dr. Anthony Fauci and I both talked about it before that it was not to be political, as the virus is not political.”

The virus isn’t political…

But apparently deciding whether to treat it like a threat IS a partisan position.

He concluded with, “I was not paid one penny for doing this interview and nether was Dr. Anthony Fauci. I am really disappointed that some people who call themselves legitimate reporters don’t do their homework. If you would like to listen to my entire conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci you can, it’s on my podcast the Dennaissance Podcast on Audio Up. Whoever wrote this story obviously didn’t listen to the interview.”

And there you have it…

The mob doesn’t listen.

They don’t dig deeper…

They simply take what they see on the surface and run.

It’s all about the headline and not about the content, meaning it’s all sizzle and no steak…

And they don’t care. If it goes against their views, then it’s bad and must be destroyed.

Which is something we like to call fascism.

Welcome to 2020…

Welcome to the Thunderdome.


“There are two ways to choke off free expression. We’ve already discussed one of them: clamp down on free speech and declare some topics off-limits. That strategy is straightforward enough. The other, more insidious way to limit free expression is to try to change the very language people use.” ― Dennis Prager