Denmark, Liberals’ favorite country to use as a shining example for the radical policies they want to usher in to the United States, has joined the ranks of a few small European countries defying the United States’ mainstream media narrative on coronavirus.

Officials from the Scandinavian country announced in a press release on Friday that, as of Sept. 10, all the country’s COVID restrictions will be lifted because COVID-19 is no longer “a critical threat to society,” the Daily Mail reported.

The move to downgrade the virus to an epidemic comes after the country reached a 70 percent vaccination rate.

“The epidemic is under control, we have record vaccination levels,” said Danish Health Minister Magnus Heunicke. “That is why, on September 10, we can lift the special rules we had to introduce in the fight against Covid-19.”

Heunicke clarified that this does not mean Danes will have their freedom back forever as the “epidemic is not over,” he insisted.

The government “will not hesitate to act quickly if the pandemic once again threatens the essential functioning of society,” the health minister added.

The abolition of Denmark’s coronavirus restrictions also notably includes vaccine passports.

Danes will no longer be required to show any proof of vaccination to enter restaurants or attend large gatherings. However, international travel restrictions will remain temporarily.

Based on the information provided in the press release, there will not be discriminatory rules against those who did not get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Denmark is the first country to make a sweeping announcement downgrading the virus, lifting all restrictions, and stating it is not a “critical threat” anymore.

If the United States government plans to follow this model—as one might expect a liberal administration to do considering its infatuation with the small country—perhaps we will begin to return to normal once 70 percent of the population becomes fully vaccinated.

Since more than 70 percent of Americans have received at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, we may be well on our way to restoring freedom in the United States sooner than later.