Does anybody else find it peculiar that the Left has started to aggressively push for mail-in ballots right before the November elections?
It’s become one of their new rallying cries, and they’re using the COVID-19 lockdown as an excuse to make it happen. But have they thought for a moment about the optics their party pushing for a method of voting that negates the privileges of being an American citizen?

Voting such a sacred aspect of a functional democracy because a person has to be a citizen of the country before being able to vote for the politicians and policies that will shape that country.

Pushing voting by mail (or, as conservatives call it, “cheating by mail”) effectively takes away the average citizen’s privilege. Under a vote-by-mail system, ANYBODY can fill out a ballot, regardless of whether or not they’re a citizen or of legal voting age. This could have a HUGE impact on the future of our country.

This is something that the Left has wanted to do for years, but they never had the chance to implement it until the COVID-19 crisis broke out and fear gripped the American public.

The Left feels that the pandemic is giving them carte blanche to enact all of their favorite liberal agendas, most of which consist of stealing individual liberties away from Americans, allowing them to further entrench themselves in power.

Dem’s Caught In Latest Power Grab

They claim that voting by mail is a “safer” way to vote. We should all stay home while the virus is still active, so they say that in-person voting is dangerous… but remember, we’re SIX months away from the elections. We’ll likely make great strides towards overcoming the virus during that time, and by November, we may be back to normal life.

So why are they so willing to concede defeat to the virus already and keep people away from the polls in November?

Because, if they don’t, they know they’ll lose.

When Conservatives bring up the fact that mail-in ballots make committing voter fraud significantly easier, Dems and Liberals brush off their claims as paranoid delusion. They say that there’s no history of voter fraud in America.

But is that true? Short answer? No… it’s not.

Not only is there a history of voter fraud, but the Dems themselves were recently caught red-handed, all while trying to make America believe that this form of cheating isn’t really that much of a problem.

If voter fraud is NOT prevalent, then why did Democratic Party leader and former judge of elections in Philadelphia Domenick DeMuro confess to federal prosecutors that he accepted cash bribes to tamper with the results of the city’s primary elections from 2014-2016?

DeMuro’s confession states that he was paid by a political consultant to stuff ballot boxes in favor of Democrats (who hired the consultant to do EXACTLY this) in primary judicial races.

According to the federal indictment, the political consultant allegedly solicited payments from Democrat candidates who hired him, classifying them as “consulting fees.”

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Pay Friends To Help You Cheat!

These payments, which could amount to as much as $5,000, were then “allegedly” used to pay Election Board Officials, such as DeMuro, in exchange for those officials stuffing the ballot boxes of that consultant’s Democrat candidates.

And this is just the type of cheating the Dems are doing WITH identifying voters. Can you imagine how far they’ll go when they don’t have the hassle of worrying about identifying American citizens?

It’s a cheater’s dream…

Which is why the Dems are pushing it so hard.

They’ve been caught red-handed and they STILL want to push this obvious path to cheating.

It’s something that the Conservatives CANNOT let happen.

If we give an inch on this, we’ll be on the outside looking in come November…

And America can’t afford for Trump or any other Republican to lose.


“The more people rationalize cheating, the more it becomes a culture of dishonesty. And that can become a vicious, downward cycle. Because suddenly, if everyone else is cheating, you feel a need to cheat, too.” – Stephen Covey

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