We get it…

There’s a lot of buyer’s remorse amongst the ranks of Biden voters. His first week in office is setting a dangerous precedent going forward thanks to his record-breaking 33 executive orders.

FreedomWire talked about Biden’s first week during one of our most recent podcasts – and if you haven’t watched it already, you can see us break down some of the biggest issues people are having HERE.

So, we’re not going to rehash all the stupidity that Dementia Joe (did you see the video where he said, “I don’t even know what I’m signing”) has put out during his first week as POTUS.

However, we are going to focus on one aspect of his orders…

And that’s the fact that at least two of them have killed somewhere between 20,000 and 50,000 American jobs.

Now, far be it from me to make light of how hard it is to be the Leader of the Free World. There’s a lot that goes into be the President of the United States, and the weight of the decisions can be debilitating. We’ve seen as many presidents (save for Trump) age terribly during their time in the White House because of all the pressure.

However, one thing I’m SURE isn’t a part of the deal is the destruction of American jobs.

Biden On Day One: “Let’s Kill Up To 50,000 Jobs!”

In fact, one would think that the priority of the acting American President would be to both preserve and create an environment that made it EASIER for Americans to find work.

But apparently, Joe Biden thinks differently.

Joe’s two executive orders—the ending of the Keystone Pipeline and Trump’s border wall—killed more jobs in one day than many presidents do in their entire tenure.

It had many on the Left scratching their heads…and many on the Right saying, “We told you so.”

While the move wasn’t unexpected, many thought that Biden would wait until after the COVID pandemic was waning, not during one of its surges.

But again, Biden bucked convention and signed the orders that ended tens of thousands of jobs, literally overnight, with a simple stroke of the pen in his first week.

While Conservatives warned the world that Biden would be bad for America, Biden’s Democratic colleagues are left holding the bag while they try to figure out a way to explain how killing American jobs is a GOOD thing.

Well, Washington State’s Governor Jay Inslee decided to take a shot at it…and unfortunately for the Democrats, he missed his target by a mile.

Dems Try (And FAIL) To Spin Creepy Joe’s Stupidity

While making an appearance on Chris “Fredo” Cuomo’s CNN show, Inslee was asked by the younger Cuomo brother, “How do you finesse the aspect of the other party…on this, they’ve got a great angle. Every time you do something that’s green, you’re taking green out of their pockets. Keystone Pipeline, costing jobs. No more drilling, costing jobs. Jobs matter more to people than the environment when you look at polls. How do you bridge that gap?”

Inslee’s answer will both astonish and disgust you.

Inslee said, “Listen, the other side wants to shackle people to a past of an area of declining jobs. This is a reality. We do not want to shackle our children to the dead weight of jobs that aren’t going to exist 30 years from now. We want to give our kids the jobs that are growing, and this is — the number one job creation engine is clean energy. And I couldn’t be more tickled. Look, this is a hallelujah moment from my view. We have crossed the desert of denial and deception about climate change and we have a president who understands how to create jobs and he’s doing that big-time today.”

Does this idiot truly believe that construction jobs won’t be around 30 years in the future?

Did this dummy say he is celebrating the fact that these jobs have been destroyed?

Does this absolute fool think that Americans who need to eat TODAY are worried about the ability to eat 30 years from now?

The answer to all of these questions is “yes.”

This is their mindset…

“Oh, just get them new jobs!” …as if changing careers is that easy.

This shows you just how out of touch the bourgeoise class of Democrats are with the REAL people of America that have to go to work EVERY day to put food on the table.

This is what they’re going to try and do…

They’ll spin Creepy Joe’s stupidity until it sounds nice – or at least makes a little bit of sense.

Too bad for them that’s an impossibility…

One week in, and Biden has already weakened America—and we can only go downhill from here.

This is the America that Biden voters wanted…

Welcome to the Thunderdome.


“We should stop selecting leaders from a subset of Oxbridge egomaniacs with a humanities degree and a spell as spin doctor.” – Dominic Cummings


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