Did you think it was a game?

Did you think that we were lying when we said that the Dems were looking to make radical changes in America?

We get it…

It seemed a bit extreme when we told you that the Left wanted to destroy the United States of America and rebuild it in a perfect socialist image… but we weren’t fabricating that, nor were we embellishing; we were simply telling you what these people were saying themselves.

When we said that 2020 was the most important election in America’s history, we weren’t joking. The future of our country depended on making sure that Trump, our bulwark against socialism and communism, continued to do the good work he’d been doing for the past four years.

However, it seems that the election went Biden’s way (possibly through nefarious means, though that’s not fully determined) and our country began teetering on the edge.

But it wasn’t until the Dems were able to take (and I use the word “take” in the literal sense of the word) Georgia yesterday, thereby winning control of the Senate, that things really started to look bleak.

America was on the verge of chaos.

Now, we’re on the verge of becoming a socialist state, and the Left in all their resident smugness have already started calling for the reshaping of America in THEIR image.

Dems Call To Action

You may not know who Brian Fallon is, and neither would 99% of the rest of America, but to those entrenched in the political world, he’s a familiar name. Fallon was Hillary Clinton’s campaign spokesman, and if that was all you knew about him, then it’d be enough to know that he had no problem climbing into bed with that demon.

Brian took to Twitter yesterday after it looked like the Dems were going to win in Georgia and started making demands—and they were the exact kind of demands we warned you about.

His first tweet said the following, “Make DC a state. Restore the Voting Rights Act. Eliminate the filibuster. Reform the courts. Revive democracy.”


Right off the jump, he’s making a case to push the country into the Dems’ favor, because that’s exactly what making DC a state would do. After all, it’s the most Liberal town in America, so where do you think their votes would be going?

Making DC a state, giving it Senators, Congressmembers, and electoral votes, would forever put control of America in the Democrats’ hands.

That’s why they’re calling for it already.

Don’t they understand there’s a REASON the Founding Fathers didn’t make DC a state?

They didn’t want it to have influence!

And the fact is, DC as a state would quickly become the most influential state in the union.

But Fallon’s other demands are just as bad.

“Pack The Courts” Gets A Shiny New Label

Eliminate the filibuster? Taking the ability for the minority to fight against the majority in the legislature when they want to put the entire country in their favor would be disastrous.

And “reform the courts”?

While Fallon used this mild-sounding term, that’s NOT what he means.

When he says “reform” he means “pack”—and he wants to pack the courts in the Dems’ favor alone.

In case you think he means something different, Fallon backed that up with another Tweet, where shared an article about Jimmy Carter (yes, the most unimpactful president in modern times), saying, “What Joe Biden Can Learn From Jimmy Carter It’s time to increase the number of lower-court judges, and fill those positions in a way that makes the judiciary look more like America.”


Pack the courts.

They’re not even in power yet and they’re already making plans to literally DESTROY parts of America.

You can’t make this up.

I guess we should be thankful that they’re showing their cards now…

Can you imagine if this was sneaking up on us?

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Thanks, Georgia.


“The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism.” – Karl Marx