The Trump economy is booming! Unemployment is low, wages are rising, and the stock market has reached all-time highs.

The Democrats have no way of defeating him at the ballot box by deriding the success of the economy under his watch.

So, in order to compete in the 2020 election, they need to use one of the oldest tricks in the book: make a problem up that doesn’t exist and then pretend to solve it. They keep saying that certain low-income people are being “left behind” by Trump’s economic policies. They are trying to make Americans feel like they are worse off than they actually are, using the old sleight-of-hand trick to deceive the American worker.

However, one look at their bank account and their time card and the average American will know they are doing fine and don’t need the Democrats’ job-killing proposals. The Dems are trying to deny reality and are insulting the intelligence of Americans by doing it.

Of course there are always going to be some people that aren’t benefitting as much as others. That will be the case until the end of time. A rising tide in the economy might not lift all boats, but it comes darn close.

Democrat presidential candidates are trying to propose solutions to problems in the economy that don’t exist. Their economic interventionist policies would create more problems than exit now.

Exhibit A: Michael Bloomberg.

The former New York mayor has introduced his economic plan. He introduced his plan by saying, “I will take him[Trump] on over the economy, and I won’t let him get away with selling the American people more empty promises. When I win, I’ll get to work building an economy where all Americans, not people like me, can share in our prosperity.”

Oh, yes, only the rich are benefitting. Apparently, Bloomberg is a self-hating billionaire. The Democrat Party has moved so far to the Left that successful businessmen like Bloomberg are being pressured into apologizing for their success.

The following are a few highlights of Bloomberg’s Economic Plan:

  • Increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour
  • Increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Provide assistance to entrepreneurs and affording workers— including gig, contract, and franchise employees— the right to organize and bargain collectively.
  • Send billions of dollars to communities across the nation to help create jobs and grow incomes
  • Invest in college partnerships and apprenticeships that connect people with identifiable jobs and career paths
  • Making skill-building a national priority in the face of the growing skills gap

None of those policies are necessary. I agree with him that there is a “skills gap” in the economy. We have seven million more jobs available in the country than there are job seekers with skills to fill those jobs.

However, government planning isn’t going to fix the problem. Bloomberg and his limousine Liberal colleagues are to blame for this. For decades, they have been pushing the importance of a four-year degree on everyone when college isn’t even a good fit for every person. In fact, electricians and construction workers make more money than many workers with four-year degrees. Humanities degrees aren’t a good career investment.

Elizabeth Warren wants to subsidize meaningless degrees by providing “free education” to college students and forgiving student debt. Bloomberg and Warren will only exasperate the skills gap problem in the country by continuing to subsidize four-year college degrees in fields in which there are limited job openings.

In 2008, more than one-third of college graduates worked in professions like waiting tables and manning cash registers, jobs traditionally held by non-college graduates.

There is an oversupply of jobs that require a college degree.

Graduates with degrees in computer science and law are also having a hard time getting a job.

Through 2016, the number of graduates in the information field will be three times the number of job openings.

Law schools are pumping out more lawyers than the market needs. Thirty percent of those passing the bar exam aren’t even working in the profession.

Manufacturing jobs are available, but employers are unable to fill them because the shortage of workers with the necessary skills to fill those positions.

Steve Rosen, CEO of Resilience Capital Partners said, “Those looking for jobs are finding them. The gap that I see today are those looking for jobs that don’t have the skills for the jobs available.”

Bloomberg and his fellow Democrat presidential candidates’ policies fail to address the real problem with the economy: Skills gap created by the push for four-year degrees. The problems they cite in the economy don’t exist.

Trump is winning on the economy and they know it.