Am I the only one that has noticed the Democrats’ new obsession with testing everyone for the coronavirus? They are obsessed with the notion that our national testing capacity has to be boosted to a much higher level before the economy can be reopened. Why is that? Why aren’t they as eager to end this lockdown as the rest of us?

I have been contemplating this myself lately, and I’ve developed a theory. Not surprisingly, it centers around their selfish political motives.

Here is my theory in a nutshell: The Democrats want to increase testing because they know that more tests will increase the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, thus ensuring the economy doesn’t reopen for an even longer stretch of time.

You might be asking why they would want this. 1) It would allow governors to continue their draconian anti-liberty policies and allow Democrats to use the crisis to implement their policies, and 2) to hurt President Trump’s reelection chances.

More Tests = Longer Lockdown

It could be this extended quarantine that’s making me more conspiratorial…or I might be onto something. Every idea for reopening the country that has been floated by Democrats includes a mandate that testing be upscaled to unrealistic levels. Of course, more people have the virus than the actual number that has been reported. When people go out into society again, the number of infections will rise. However, the death rate is much lower than was originally feared and so, at worst, people will get sick but eventually recover.

The media will promote mass hysteria as the number of reported cases skyrockets, and they’ll predictably downplay the lower rate of deaths. Initial studies have shown that many more people already have the virus and are asymptomatic.

New Medical Findings

Daniel Horowitz over at Conservative Review wrote an excellent column on one of these studies conducted by Stanford University. It is worth citing. Horowitz wrote the following:

“On Friday, Stanford University’s school of medicine announced the findings of the first publicly released random sample antibody study of an entire county in the United States. Researchers sampled 3,330 Santa Clara County residents of all demographics to see how many had the antibodies of SARS-2 in their blood, which would demonstrate how many have already been exposed to the virus and are immune to it. Using basic serology, the researchers at the nation’s fourth highest-rated medical research school concluded that anywhere from 2.49%-4.16% of the people in this county of 1.9 million already had the antibodies in them.

Why is this such a bombshell? It means that instead of fewer than 2,000 people having the disease, as public tallies based on testing show, the virus has really infected 50 to 85 times more people in Santa Clara County. More importantly, what that means is that the infection fatality rate is equally 50-85 times lower than what the government data suggests. For example, in Santa Clara County, the California Department of Health reports that 70 people have died from the virus and that the fatality rate is 3.8%. But based on the new discoveries by Stanford, that fatality rate plummets to roughly flu-like levels.

‘If our estimates of 48,000-81,000 infections represent the cumulative total on April 1, and we project deaths to April 22, we estimate about 100 deaths in the county,’ concluded the study. ‘A hundred deaths out of 48,000-81,000 infections corresponds to an infection fatality rate of 0.12-0.2%.’

That is a very different story from the 3-4% figure the global governments and the World Health Organization have been working with.”

Similar studies have shown similar results. Many people reading this article right now might have had or currently have the virus and don’t even know it, or they were sick with it before and have already recovered. If this is the case, then the government’s whole rationale for shutting down the country has been flawed. We could have simply isolated the more vulnerable part of the population—senior citizens and people with pre-existing conditions—and had everyone else practice social distancing while being allowed to work. If these findings are true, then this lockdown may have been for nothing.

By keeping the country on lockdown, the Dems can continue to spend trillions of dollars in taxpayer money to implement their nanny-state policies, creating more people beholden to the government for subsistence and destroying the Constitution. The Democrats have the people right where they want them, so why would they want to release the people out of their clutches and back into the wild?

A Plan To Stop Trump

The last and most obvious answer for why the Democrats want to increase testing and keep the country on lockdown is to hurt President Trump. They think by keeping the country in economic limbo, they will be able to remove the strongest factor in Trump’s favor: a strong economy. They hate Trump so much that this isn’t as far-fetched of a theory as it seems.

As you hear the Dems talk more incessantly about increased testing capacity, we should all become more suspicious about their motives. They are enjoying this shutdown while millions are suffering.