Former President Trump blasted “INSANE” Arizona Democrats who are pulling out all the stops to prevent state Republicans from continuing to conduct an independent audit of the 2020 presidential election results in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Trump issued a statement from the Office of the Former President Tuesday night, defending the “independently run” audit that Democrats are trying to obstruct “because they know that they lost Arizona and other scam election States in a LANDSLIDE.”

This came after Democrats sent a team of 100 lawyers to file a last-minute lawsuit Thursday night in an attempt to force the courts to pause the audit.

However, even where there’s a will, there’s not always a way.

Democrats could not put up the judge’s $1 million dollar fee to halt the Republicans from gaining possession of the audits, voting machines, and hard drives used in the disputed county.

The Maricopa County Judge “did not issue a restraining order today,” the audit’s official Twitter page stated on Tuesday, “The audit continues.”

As Trump put it in his statement, “If we can’t have free and fair elections, we don’t have a Country.”

“The audit must continue,” he said, followed by a demand that “Americans deserve the TRUTH.”

Read Trump’s full statement on the Arizona audit below.

Full Statement By Donald J. Trump, 45th President Of The United States Of America

“The Radical Left Democrat Party has gone absolutely INSANE in fighting the Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election Scam, right now taking place in the Great State of Arizona. They sent a team of over 100 lawyers to try and stop it because they know what the result of the Arizona Senate sponsored audit will be—and it won’t be good for the Dems.

The audit is independently run, with no advantage to either side, but the Democrats don’t want to hear anything about it because they know that they lost Arizona, and other scam election States, in a LANDSLIDE. They also know that the Arizona State Legislature approved virtually none of their many election requests, which is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

The people of Arizona are very angry, as are the people of our Country. If we can’t have free and fair elections, we don’t have a Country. The audit must continue. America deserves the TRUTH.”