All you have to do is look around you and you’ll see that America is in crisis. Beyond the multiple issues created by the coronavirus pandemic, the country has also been suffering from civil unrest and massive protests and riots for nearly two months now. Cities have been overrun with agitators and anarchist domestic terrorists, and much of our elected leadership has done nothing about it. Yet while all this is going on, Democrat mayors, governors, and members of Congress are deflecting all of the blame onto President Trump. In their eyes, by sending federal agents into these cities to protect the streets from rioting and looting, it’s Trump who deserves the blame…because clearly he was the problem here.

These people are delusional and unhinged. The carnage is staring them in the face and they are doing nothing to fix the problem and uphold the rule of law. In fact, their only solutions are to defund the police and severely weaken the criminal justice system.

Their Trump Derangement Syndrome is attacking their immune systems more by the day. Just when it seems like they couldn’t become any more blinded by their hatred of Trump, they go and do or say something that shows just how low they’re willing to go.

It’s almost as if they want the violence to continue, and if that’s true, it’s politically advantageous to them. It will appear like Trump is presiding over a chaotic country, unleashing the military against innocent civilians, and then Joe Biden will ride in on a white horse and usher in an era of peace…at least, that’s how Democrats see it.

Congressman Jerry Nadler heads the House Judiciary Committee. As of this writing, his committee is holding a hearing in which Attorney General William Barr is testifying.

Recently, Nadler was asked about the violence on the streets of Portland, Oregon, which is the de-facto capital of ANTIFA. Instead of condemning the arson, violence, and destruction of private and federal property, Nadler claimed that the riots were a “myth.” Yes, he actually said that.

Nadler speaks for many other Democrats when he pushes yet another lie about President Trump, that somehow Trump is sending federal agents out to oppress the people for a photo-op for his campaign.

If you don’t believe me, then hear him in his own words going after Attorney General Barr for supposedly conspiring with the President to help his campaign by sending the Feds in. The Daily Caller reported the following: “‘Shame on you!’” Nadler scolded Barr as he wrapped up his comments. Barr pushed back, asking for a chance to respond, but Nadler simply repeated, ‘Shame on you! My time has expired. My time has expired.’”

What a gutless coward! He attacks Bill Barr and then doesn’t allow him the opportunity to respond. Nadler is a contestable excuse for a Congressman, and that is cleaning up the language I really would like to use to describe him.

Barr is no pushover, though. He destroyed the Democrats with the following statement calling out their immoral reaction to the mob violence:

“Federal courts are under attack. Since when is it ok to try to burn down a federal court? If someone went down the street to the Prettyman Court here, that beautiful courthouse we have at the bottom of the hill and started breaking windows and firing industrial grade fireworks in to start a fire, throw kerosene balloons in and start fires in the court, is that ok? Is that ok now? The U.S. Marshals have a duty to stop that and defend the courthouse. That is what we are doing in Portland. We are defending the courthouse. We are not looking for trouble.”

At least we have leaders like AG Barr who recognize the threat posed by the moral depravity of the mob and their allies in the Democrat Party. It’s just a shame that Dems are willing to sit idly by and watch this great nation burn.