Forty times…

If you find yourself doing anything outside of life’s normal mundanities (brushing your teeth, driving your car, etc.) 40 times during a three-month stint, you’ve either got an issue or you’re getting really good at something.

Forty times…

That’s how many times the House Democrats have blocked a GOP motion to extend the essential Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) for small businesses.

For the party that’s supposedly rooted in compassion, they sure aren’t showing much of it when it comes to the thousands upon thousands of small businesses that are struggling through the pandemic and the forced lockdown lingering in certain states.

The PPP has been crucial for the survival of many small businesses and their employees. It’s what allowed them to operate at limited capacities and still make a living wage…

But the Dems don’t seem to care.

What they do seem to care about is getting their pet projects funded through these COVID relief plans, which is why they keep blocking motions to extend anything involving money.

What Could The Dems Be Waiting For?

They’ll vote on it when THEY get a piece of the pie, and what happens to these small businesses in the meantime doesn’t seem to faze them one iota.

What else do these people need?

Why can’t they take care of Americans first and go back to squabbling once the fear of COVID has passed?

But what’s worse than voting down a bill that could help small businesses today is not even allowing Congress to vote on the motion in the first place.

As we speak, Democrats are using congressional procedure to keep GOP Rep Steve Chabot’s legislation for extended PPP on the back burner.


Well, Congressman Chabot has a few ideas.

While on the house floor, the GOP member said, “A recent NFIB survey indicated that over half of small business owners expect to seek additional financial assistance over the next year.  If they can’t access that help, they may be forced to lay off employees or cease operations.

That is unacceptable. Because we can help them. We have a program that has already supported 50 million jobs all across this country. It even has over $130 billion dollars ready to go.

Instead of quickly passing a bill to reopen the program, Democratic leadership has used it as a political football for over three months, while small business owners had to drain the last of their funds to stay in existence and continue to pay their employees. And they nervously check if they can make payroll for the next month.

If we defeat the previous question, which is before us now, we can move directly to a legislative package that includes my bill to reopen and improve the Paycheck Protection Program.”

The Party of Compassion? Really?!

But the Dems don’t want to.

They’d rather hold these small businesses’ feet over the fire and let them cook a little while rather than give them the relief they need.

It’s ready to go!

There’s $130 Billion ready to help, but the Left wants to squabble over pettiness instead of actually making a difference.

They talk a good game and say all the right words…

But the simple truth of the matter is that Democrats just can’t deliver on the care and compassion they love to accuse the Right of not having.

Yet here is a GOP member, ready to help, ready to reach across the aisle and work with the Dems for the betterment of the American people—and they don’t want to vote.

This is why they’re losing.

Their TRUE colors are starting to show now, and Americans WILL remember.


“The best leaders are the ones who show their true colors not during the banner years but during times of struggle.” – Shawn Achor