Can you believe the nerve of the Senate Democrats?

Are they just not listening to the people?

For weeks now, people have been protesting in the streets, begging our elected officials for some kind of police reform to stop things like what happened to George Floyd from ever happening again.

Their protests didn’t fall on deaf ears, either.

Doing the job they were actually elected to do, Tim Scott and other Senate Republicans worked on a bill to help get the ball rolling.

Scott and company’s proposal, called the Justice Act, includes “incentives for police departments to ban chokeholds, more disclosure requirements about the use of force and no-knock warrants, and penalties for false reports. It also includes emergency grant programs for body cameras, makes lynching a federal hate crime and creates a commission to study the conditions facing black men and boys.”
A lot of what the protestors are asking for is in this bill…

But the Senate Dems blocked it—and like petulant children, they won’t even enter into negotiations to discuss what they’d like to fix.

Can you believe it?

This is NOTHING more than political posturing by the Dems looking to use this issue to gain more power.

Dems Won’t Let The GOP—Or The Protestors—Get A WIN

If this weren’t happening in real-time, you wouldn’t believe it.

Senator Scott said, “The fact that we are unwilling – not unable, that’s a different story – but unwilling to take on this really important issue together is a sad day.”

That’s the worst part…

They don’t want to work together, and that’s just sad. Tim Scott is the GOP’s only black Senator, and he is personally invested in this bill and its outcome.

But the legislation is stalled for now, with Dems flat out REFUSING to open debate on it as they push for greater changes in police tactics and accountability.

“If you don’t think we’re right, make it better, don’t walk away,” Scott asked of his fellow Senators…

But it’s a request that’s falling on deaf ears.

And do you know why?

Because the Dems simply REFUSE to let the GOP win on this one…

They’re not going to let the GOP be the authors of ANY police reform. The DEMS want to be the saviors here, and if the GOP bill comes to a vote, it makes them look weak by comparison.

So they blocked it…

Another reason they refused to bring it up for a vote?

They want to use it to campaign for the presidential election in November.

Dems See A Political Posturing Opportunity

Of course, we probably won’t see debates, as there have been rumors swirling that Biden won’t meet Trump on the debate state (he may be more than a little scared and intimidated by the president).

But to skip legislating NOW so you can run a campaign on it is simply disgusting—but it’s par for the course for Democrats.

Marco Rubio put it best when he said, ““We all know what’s happening here. They think they’re going to win the majority in the Senate. They think they’re going to win the White House. And in their mind, they want this issue for the campaign. They want to be able to now pass a bill in the House and say, the Republicans refused to address it seriously. They want to campaign on it, and then they think they can get a better bill once they’re in power. And that’s why they blocked it. It’s as simple as that.”


The black Senator who actually pushed back on Donald Trump’s comments after Charlottesville, and who said, “As a black man, I get the who being the problem. It’s one of the reasons why I went to Sen. McConnell and said, I want to lead this conversation. I’m the person in our conference who has experienced, firsthand, racial discrimination, racial profiling by law enforcement…” is being accused of not taking police reform seriously.

The Dems aren’t even hiding their plots anymore…

They just count on the fact that the Leftist sheep will believe every word they say.

Meanwhile, the GOP is trying to get things moving in the right direction…

And the Dems want to make a political ploy out of it.

It’s disgusting…

And we can only hope the protestors (and voters) catch wind of this and make their concerns heard.

It’s a wonder how DNC members sleep at night.


“I like to encourage people to realize that any action is a good action if it’s proactive and there is positive intent behind it.” – Michael J. Fox