The Democrats are not fans of the Electoral College.

Geez, I wonder why?

The Democrats have lost two presidential elections in the past 18 years, while still winning the popular vote.

The Democrats are acting like a kid on the playground who keeps losing the game, but is trying to change the rules to benefit himself … so he can win.

The Democrats are sore losers. Even worse, they are power-hungry.

Colorado Governor, Jared Polis, will sign into law a bill that will commit Colorado to pledge all of their electoral votes for president to whichever candidate wins the national popular vote.

This bill eliminates the voice of the voters of Colorado. For example: If Colorado votes for the Republican candidate but the Democratic candidate wins the national popular vote, then Colorado’s electoral votes are forced to go to the Democratic candidate.

The Democrats are trying to circumvent the United States Constitution.

So far, 12 states have signed onto a compact amongst each other. The compact promises that each state will pledge their votes to the candidate who wins the national popular vote — regardless of who wins the most votes IN THEIR state.

They claim that this will incentivize candidates to visit states that aren’t typically “battleground” states.

Wait a second … Not so fast!

Let’s take a minute to analyze this argument.

If the point of the national popular vote is to get the most votes, then logic dictates that you go to the states with the highest population.

Three of the top five most populous states are: California, New York, and Illinois.

What do they have in common?

Answer: They vote heavily for the Democrats.

Candidates would be forced to spend more time in those states and less time in the current battleground states.

How convenient.

The reason Hillary Clinton won the popular vote is because she ran up the tally in those three states.

If the Electoral College would have been abolished in 2016, Hillary Clinton would have been president.

(Cue the horror movie music.)

You thought you had us fooled, Democrats.


Conservatives revere OUR constitution. We know what it stands for, and why it is structured the way it is.

Governor Polis referred to the constitution as an “undemocratic relic” of our nation’s past, one he wants to see relegated to the dustbin of history.

He’s correct: It is an UNDEMOCRATIC relic.

We are not a democracy; we are a representative republic.

The founders of America feared mob rule. They were afraid that direct elections would be dangerous. They understood history and knew that tyrants are birthed out of a mob.

They were afraid that the passion of mob rule could overwhelm the country’s commitment to the rule of law and human rights — and cause the election of a tyrant.

Former President John Quincy Adams said: “The experience of all former ages had shown that of all human governments, democracy was the most unstable, fluctuating, and short-lived.”

The point of the Electoral College was to prevent the people from voting away their God-given rights. They were concerned with who had the power, and the dangers of a demagogue who would manipulate the passions of the people.

History has proven them correct. Do any of you trust the Democratic candidates with power?

I sure as hell don’t!

The Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves. They set up the Electoral College for a reason … Now the Democrats want to abolish it.

Lindsey Graham described the modern Democratic Party best when he said: “Boy, you all want power. God, I hope you never get it.”

I hope they never get it either. Or the Founders’ nightmare might come true…