Last Wednesday night, during the second Detroit Democrat Debate, the oddest thing happened: the candidates attacked Barack Obama’s record.

That tells you how far Left the Democrats have moved on their policy.

Joe Biden bore the brunt of the candidates’ attacks on the Obama administration, given his status as Obama’s former vice president.

President Trump noticed the same thing. He told a crowd at a rally in Ohio that “the Democrats spent more time attacking Barack Obama than they did attacking me, practically. This morning, that’s all the fake news was talking about.”

A few of the candidates criticized Obama’s immigration and healthcare policy.

Think about that: Obama—who instituted DACA and signed Obamacare into law— is not far-Left enough for the leftists in the party.

That’s full-on insanity.

Attacking Obama Through Biden

Politico reported: “As rivals attempted to level attacks on Biden, Obama got caught in the crossfire Wednesday. The former president, once referred to by critics as the deporter-in-chief, came under fire for the rate of deportation under his watch, and his signature healthcare law also drew heavy scrutiny.”

Bill de Blasio took a shot at the Obama administration’s deportation policy by asking Biden why he didn’t try to stop the deportations. Politico reported that “New York Mayor Bill de Blasio asked Biden if he used his power as VP to stop the deportations. Biden said he was keeping his recommendations private but said Obama ‘moved to fundamentally change the system.’

‘But much more has to be done,’ Biden said. “Much more has to be done.’

“Biden asserted he would ‘absolutely not’ deport immigrants at the rate the Obama administration did in its first two years. The administration’s nearly 800,000 deportations were more than the number of deportations during the Trump administration’s first two years.”

How times change. There was a time when Barack Obama was called the “anointed one.” He was going to save the planet and usher in a new golden age for Democrats.

That never happened.

Obama’s Legacy

The country became more divided under his presidency. He was weak on foreign policy, he apologized for American exceptionalism, and he failed to enforce his self-created “red line” when Syria’s Bashar Al Assad used chemical weapons on his own people.

Obamacare didn’t work the way he promised. He famously said, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” That was a lie. He said that the Affordable Care Act would be affordable. It wasn’t.

Obama blew up the size of government, adding thousands of pages of new rules and regulations, and doubled the national debt in his eight years in office.

He negotiated the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal and signed America up for the unrealistic Paris Climate Accord. He also made a deal with the Castro brothers in Cuba to establish better relations with the island nation, even though the government is still repressive.

That is the record that the Democrat candidates are attacking. The party has moved so far to the Left since Obama left the White House that they feel obligated to attack his record via Joe Biden.

It is an odd choice that may backfire on those candidates because Obama remains personally popular amongst the Democrat base, which may help Joe Biden down the road.

However, candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have moved far to the Left of the Obama standard, and are unlikely to let up on the attacks.

It is entertaining to watch the Dems go after Obama’s policies.

Obama was one of the worst presidents in the history of the country. You can’t blame conservatives for not feeling much sympathy for him.