California Governor Gavin Newsom is hanging on to the governor’s office only by a thread, and meanwhile, his whole voter base seems to be turning against him as his recall effort progresses.

According to a surprising statewide California survey conducted by the California GOP last month, a significant number of Democrats, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians want to remove Newsom from office.

Overall, between all 1,000 respondents who are likely recall election voters, the recall ballot is tied at 45% yes and 45% no. The remaining 10% said they are undecided.

The research revealed an unexpected 1 in 5 Democrats plan on voting to recall the governor, while only 60% of Blacks, 53% of Asians, 49% of Hispanics, and 45% of Whites, say they would vote “no.”

But the troubling numbers for Newsom don’t end there.

By a 5-to-4 margin, Californians disapprove of the direction the state is headed. A majority of people surveyed also indicated they disapprove of Newsom’s job performance and his policy on school re-openings.

52% of voters believe the governor is making decisions in the best interest of his political future, rather than that of Californians.

The fact that most Hispanics would vote “yes” to recall Newsom, in addition to almost half of Asians and a plurality of Blacks, is not only bad for the governor, but also for the Democrat Party at large. If this trend continues, the political landscape of one of the nation’s most liberal states could be shifting toward favoring Republicans.

CAGOP’s research is a bad sign for Newsom, but a good sign for the more than 1.6 million Californians who signed petitions to recall him.

Despite the governor’s attempts to convince people that his dystopian pandemic restrictions are “for their safety,” people of all different backgrounds see through his deceptive excuses to continue lockdowns.

If enough Californians keep their names on the petitions by the time the June certification date arrives, he is doomed to a special recall election to take place later this year.