On Friday night, the Democratic clown show made a stop in New Hampshire for the eighth installment of the DNC presidential debates.

For the first time, the candidates gathered after the first votes were taken in Iowa last week, and what a mess that was. As of Friday—and even as of today—there was still no clear winner from the Iowa Caucuses. Apparently the Dems can’t handle a basic app to count votes. The material writes itself.

However, despite all that, for the first time, the debates actually meant something. Votes have officially been taken, and the candidates’ rankings are determined by more than just vague polls. There is a sense of urgency to the debates now, and that was on full display on the stage on Friday.

The night saw Senator Amy Klobuchar step up her game in a big way. She came across as likable, funny, and less crazy than the other candidates. That’s a big step up for her, as her reputation for being none of those things has hindered her in the past. As of this writing, Klobuchar’s performance has given her a polling boost in the New Hampshire polls and a big surge in fundraising.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg took a lot of incoming fire from the other candidates following his surprise first place co-lead in Iowa. His opponents went after his lack of experience and lack of support from the African American community. However, he came out of the debate unharmed and didn’t do anything to hurt his rise in the polls.

Free-falling Joe Biden was more animated and less sleepy than usual. He was clearly better prepared for the questions. However, that didn’t prevent him from putting his foot in his mouth again. Biden responded to the first question by conceding that he wasn’t going to win New Hampshire and that he was more concerned with how he would do in Nevada. Does Joe even want to win? Is he trying to throw his once insurmountable lead away? Because if he is, mission accomplished. All in all, his campaign seems to be on its last legs.

At one point, Biden had the crowd stand up and applaud Lt. Colonel Vindman, a former member of the National Security Council who had previously testified against President Trump in the House impeachment hearings. Vindman was recently fired from his position by President Trump, although it is unclear whether his removal was in retaliation for his role in the impeachment. By giving Vindman a standing ovation, Biden threw some red meat to the base, saying that Trump should have given Vindman the Presidential Medal of Freedom during the State of the Union and not Rush Limbaugh.

Senator Bernie Sanders has shot up the polls and is expected to win the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. Bernie was his normal Marxist self, and he railed against Pete Buttigieg for taking money from billionaires to fund his campaign. Joe Biden asked him how he intended to pay for his socialist policies. Of course, as always, comrade Bernie didn’t provide a sticker price for his Marxist utopia. That being said, the man is consistent and that is why he is in the top-tier of candidates with a chance at the nomination. FiveThirtyEight list him as the odds on favorite to win the nomination.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren needed a strong night to stop her sliding campaign, but she was not successful. She needed a drastic Hail Mary to revive her floundering campaign but failed to generate a viral moment that would spark a rise in the polls. It was assumed for months that Warren would poll well in New Hampshire because she is a Senator from nearby Massachusetts. However, that assumption looks like it was faulty given her disappointing performance in Iowa and low poll numbers in New Hampshire.

The other two candidates on the stage—Andrew Yang and Tom Steyer—have zero chance at winning the nomination and honestly aren’t worth discussing in-depth. I will say that Yang seems like a decent guy, but listening to Steyer is like listening to nails on a chalkboard. He must have gone to the Hillary Clinton school of public speaking.

In the aftermath of the debate, Bernie Sanders remains in first and Pete Buttigieg is running a strong second, with the gap between them narrowing every day.

The first primary election is Tuesday in New Hampshire, so we can expect to see plenty of new developments in the Democratic field in the coming days.

However, the real winner of the debate, as always, was not a Democrat, but rather, President Trump. The weak showing by every Democratic candidate is a strong indication that none of them will be able to hold up against the incumbent president come November.

Still, though, it’ll be fun watching them try.

Check back with FreedomWire on Wednesday as we analyze the results from the New Hampshire primary.