The top five most indebted states—California, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Illinois— are all run by Democrats.

Despite being responsible for their own fiscal shambles, these Democrat states blame President Trump for their ill-advised spending and careless borrowing sprees. Of course they do. All the ills in the world originated when Donald Trump moved into the White House. It is a tired talking point, yet they keep trotting it out there.

Chicago Mayor Lauri Lightfoot laid the blame at the feet of President Trump after he announced that he had had enough of Nancy Pelosi and the Dems’ BS and withdrew from negotiating a second COVID-19 spending bill.

Lightfoot said, “By shutting down negotiations that could have brought desperately needed funds to cities and towns all across America, again today, Donald Trump provided further evidence of his failure to lead. ‘You’re on your own’ is how he has governed since day one. We can and must do better.”

The governor of her state, J.B. Pritzker, echoed her sentiments when he said, “The failure of revenue due to the pandemic is not a blue state vs. red state issue, it’s a challenge that every single state across this nation is grappling with.” He then proceeded to blame Trump.

Speaking of Illinois, the Prairie State is over $50 billion in debt, despite having oppressively high state and local taxes. The city of Chicago alone has absurd taxes that include outrageous taxes on hotel stays (anyone who has ever looked at their bill after checking out of a Chicago hotel room knows what I am talking about).

Despite these high taxes, Governor Pritzker supports further raising income taxes on the rich. Wow, what a surprise. The Democrats answer to solving fiscal messes is always tax the hell out of the rich!

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board wrote the following:

“Illinois is the nation’s leading fiscal basket case, with runaway pension liabilities and public-union control of Springfield. But it has had one saving grace: a flat-rate income tax that makes it harder for the political class to raise taxes. Now that last barrier to decline is in jeopardy on the November ballot.

The peril comes in a ballot measure backed by Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker and his party’s supermajority in the Legislature. A yes vote would amend the state constitution to replace the current 4.95% flat levy with a progressive rate structure on individual income.

Democrats have announced a slate of new rates that will be imposed automatically if the measure passes. The current flat rate of 4.95% would rise to 7.75% for households earning above $250,000, with a top rate of 7.99% on incomes above $1 million.”

Another state begging for a federal bailout is New York. The Empire State is led by Andrew Cuomo, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo’s brother. When he isn’t busy ordering seniors to their death by COVID, Cuomo is wasting taxpayer money and then going to Washington to make the rest of us in the country pay for his mismanagement.

The contrast between good governance and bad governance is most clearly seen between the fiscal positions of Republican Florida and Democrat New York.

Early this year, the Wall Street Journal reported, “In 2010 New York’s population of 19.378 million was larger than Florida’s 18.8 million. By mid-2019 Florida had grown to 21.48 million, according to the Census Bureau, while New York had barely increased to 19.453 million.

Yet Mr. Cuomo recently signed a budget for fiscal 2021 of $177 billion that is even bigger than last year’s, papering over what was a $6 billion deficit before the coronavirus. Florida’s budget for fiscal 2021, not yet signed by new Governor Ron DeSantis, is expected to be about $93 billion.

Democrats in Albany are claiming to be victims of events that are out of their control. But they have increased spending by $43 billion since 2010—about $570,000 for each additional person. Florida’s budget has increased by $28 billion while its population has grown 2.7 million—a $10,400 increase per new resident.”

The Democrats are not only good at spending other people’s money, but they are even better at spending money they don’t have. Then, they want the rest of us to foot the bill even though it’s not our problem. We are a country built on Federalism. These states are going to have to deal with their own problems. They and they alone made the bed they sleep in.