With the GOP’s win in VA, Dems have already started playing the blame game, and clueless progressives like Omar believe the answer is to go FURTHER Left!

Democrats are STUNNED at what took place in Virginia this week.

The traditionally Blue state turned Red in a massive upheaval, with Republicans sweeping elections from the governor to the Attorney General…and now the Democrats are losing their minds.

These people believed that the world was moving Left, and so they thought they had Virginia on lock, not even considering the way polls were turning around for the GOP in the state.

Glenn Youngkin’s turnaround win has left the entire DNC BAFFLED, and they’re already calling for changes to be made to ensure another bloodbath doesn’t happen in 2022, when dozens of House seats come up for re-election.

Democrats started racing around like Chicken Little, fearing that the sky was falling after getting bonked on the head by a very large acorn.

However, this frenzy may be appropriate. For Democrats, the sky may actually be falling… or, at the very least, the tree on which they’ve hung all their hopes for a socialist America is about to collapse.

Some Dems are calling for unity, saying the infighting over Biden’s budget was one of the reasons for the loss, and are asking for immediate action so they have something tangible to run on next year.

The Blame Game

But even while calling for unity, another split in the party began to form. Some members of the party’s more radical wing are blaming the defeat on the centrist posture of Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe.

Of course, from the outside, most can see that what probably brought about McAuliffe’s defeat was his absolute allegiance to Critical Race Theory and his insistence that parents shouldn’t have a say in their child’s curriculum—and that’s far from a centrist stance.

But to people like Squad member Ilhan Omar, McAuliffe lost simply because he wasn’t radical enough, even though it was his radical stances that caused Youngkin to rebound in the polls in the first place.

You’d have thought Omar would have seen the truth that the more radical you are, the less people will want to vote for you…but that’s not a reality she’s ready to accept.

And of course, there are those that feel the Dem’s infighting over the budget hindered McAuliffe. Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, the former chair of the Democratic National Committee under Barack Obama, definitely feels that the DNC’s failure to come to an agreement on the budget was something that hurt McAuliffe as well.

“He [McAuliffe] could have had a really great wind at his back if Democrats had been willing to get the deal done,” Kaine told reporters. “So I’m just saying I hope my colleagues absorb this notion that when you have the majority, the D in Democrats should stand for doer, not delay, dithering, do nothing, division.”

That’s a thought…but Kaine isn’t correct either.

This Is Why Youngkin Beat McAuliffe

The reasons that McAuliffe lost are easy to see if you pay attention.

The first and biggest mistake was ignoring angry parents.

With Biden’s DOJ labeling concerned parents “domestic terrorists” and cops targeting an angry dad whose daughter was RAPED by a dress-wearing boy in the girls bathroom, parents were on edge to begin with – and McAuliffe saying they shouldn’t have a say in their child’s curriculum was a bad move.

The second mistake was tying McAuliffe’s campaign to Biden’s mess of a presidency.

Biden has endlessly screwed the pooch since being sworn in, fumbling the ball on the economy, Afghanistan, forced vaccinations, and more. People are seeing what happens when Democrats are left in charge, and they don’t like it.

They don’t want to lose their police departments or watch crime soar in their cities.

They don’t want theory taught instead of FACT.

They don’t want their fellow Americans stranded in hostile territory oversees with a president too inept to bring them home.

If they want to know why they lost Virginia, they simply have to look around at what’s happening in the world.

It’s not too hard to see why the GOP mopped the floor with them.

But it’s always been hard for the DNC to accept in reality.

That’s ok…it’s going to smack them in the face eventually, whether they want to accept it or not.

Congratulations to Glenn Youngkin and his fellow GOP members who won. I’m sure Virginia will be in good hands.

Plus, if they have any questions, they can give good ol’ Ron DeSantis a call. He’s done wonders for Florida and I bet he would love to help them along the way.


“One of the most common ways of not acknowledging our faults is to blame others.” – Geshe Kelsang Gyatso