What a gloomy Thanksgiving many Americans are going to have.

Not that the weather in their area is going to be terrible (though, in some places, it probably is), but more because they won’t be able to interact with their friends and family. Across the country, many Dem governors are handing down some VERY strict orders when it comes to their Thanksgiving holiday.

In some places, no more than 10 people can gather, in others no more than three.

Under certain guidelines, you can’t even have sharable food! It has to be single-serving food, and you can’t even gather indoors! Everything you do has to be outside.

Well, we can only hope the weather in those places cooperates, or else there will be a lot of unhappy and potential cold/wet people with ruined Thanksgiving dinners.

If you’re wondering which states are in going to have sparsely-populated Thanksgiving feasts, California, Washington, Oregon, Michigan and New York are all making sure their citizens “stay safe” instead of staying free. These lockdowns go against everything it means to be an American.

What About The Science?!

Do masks work?

Does social distancing work?

Because if they do, why do things have to be so strict? It’s an unbelievable assault on our basic rights.

It is telling, however, that protesting and celebrating Biden’s electoral victory is still fine.

Maybe American families should get together and protest these lockdowns. They can gather at each other’s homes and eat turkey in solidarity against these draconian orders.

Or they could just live in a Red city or state and be free to do whatever the hell they want.

Whenever American freedoms get infringed upon, the rebellious spirit comes out—and there are plenty of Conservatives and rebels still alive and kicking in the good ol’ US of A that are ready to publicly defy these Dem governors.

Rebels like Oregon’s Tootie Smith, an incoming Clackamas Board of County Commissioners member that has vowed to hold a Thanksgiving dinner for “as many family and friends” as she can find. This act of defiance flies in the face of Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s strict stay-at-home orders that limit gatherings to six people.

Yes, you read that correctly…


So, if you’re a family that lives under one roof that has seven family members, you’ll have to draw straws to see who has to go eat out on the porch or in the garage.

It’s ridiculously stupid…

And you have to wonder how many police officers would enforce this insane limitation. After all, many officers come from big families too…

Tootie Smith Teaches Kate Brown A Civics Lesson

Tootie told said in a Facebook post, “My family will celebrate Thanksgiving with as many family and friends as I can find. Gov Brown is WRONG to order otherwise.”

Nice job giving it to her with both barrels, Tootie…

However, that’s not all the incoming commissioner had to say: “The people I represent are informed, intelligent, and educated citizens of the US and Clackamas County. They understand the guidelines set forth for COVID prevention listed by the CDC: wear masks in public, wash hands, six feet distancing, and stay home when sick. I believe my citizens can make their own informed decisions and maintain their personal rights.”

100% right, Tootie…

Let’s hope the rest of your fellow politicians feel the same way. This right here is a smart and informed way to think about the pandemic.

This IS listening to the science…

Unless, of course, the science doesn’t matter and you just want to control your constituents, right?

Guess that’s a question Kate Brown will have to answer someday…


“Control your own destiny or someone else will.” – Jack Welch