In my opinion, it’s well past time to defund public universities. We should not be sending our hard-earned tax dollars to universities that teach students radical Marxist and anti-American garbage. Think of how dumb that is. American taxpayers are being forced to fund universities that teach students to hate the very country that is funding those curriculums.

Not only should universities be funded on purely ideological grounds, but also on the real-world results they produce. Even though more Americans are getting college degrees than ever before, many college graduates get degrees in fields that have no occupational application and then end up making less money than they would have if they would have learned a trade. American businesses need more skilled tradesmen than they need gender studies students.

Productivity has also declined despite rising educational achievement. The problem is that the degrees students are earning aren’t needed as much as degrees that would help with research and development that would increase productive efficiency in the economy.

Wall Street Journal reported that in “2019, under the Trump administration, nearly half of all Americans between ages 25 and 29 had an associate degree or higher, up from 37% in 2005, census data show. The share with a bachelor’s rose to 39% from 29%.

Nonetheless, productivity has grown tepidly. From 2007 to 2019, the productivity of nonfarm businesses rose an average of 1.4% a year.” That 1.4 percent gain is nearly 50 % less than the average productivity gain of 2.3% per year for the fifty years prior.

On the radical Marxist front, Washington and Lee University epitomize the Left-wing indoctrination happening on college campuses. In reference to a course entitled “How to Overthrow the State,” the website College Fix reported that “The course at Washington and Lee University ‘places each student at the head of a popular revolutionary movement aiming to overthrow a sitting government and forge a better society,” according to its online course description.

Students will ponder questions such as how they will ‘attain power,’ ‘communicate with the masses,’ and improve people’s lives.

The course description said the class will ‘explore examples of revolutionary thought and action from across the Global South,’ including from people such as Che Guevara, Mahatma Gandhi, and Franz Fanon.”

The course promises to give students an opportunity to create their own manifesto and write a ‘persuasive essay on rewriting history and confronting memory.’”

Then there is the cozy relationship between universities and foreign authoritarian governments. Tyrannical governments that include China, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and UAE all contribute to several colleges, and many underreport or fail to report at all these donations. These donations undoubtedly have strings attached to teach students authoritarian propaganda, especially in the case of the Chinese, who have long been known to funnel money through “Confucius Institutes” that teach Chinese propaganda.

The Washington Free Beacon reported, “Yale and Cornell failed to report more than $3 billion in foreign gifts and funds—many of which come from anti-American regimes such as China and Qatar.

According to a new study from the Clarion Project, American colleges and universities inaccurately disclosed foreign funding to the Department of Education. Between 2014 and 2019, they reported a total of $11 billion in foreign funds. But the Clarion Project’s data show that the true number is over $14 billion.”

As time goes on, and the current mayhem destroying our cities continues, it becomes increasingly apparent that education is a defining issue of our time. The longer our kids our taught at the K-12 and secondary education level to hate this country and everything it stands for, the likelier we are to see the end of America as we know it.

It is an issue we can’t afford to ignore, and we can start taking action to reverse this trend by defunding the universities responsible for the indoctrination.