Bill De Blasio is growing BOLD as the mayor of New York City…

VERY bold.

Not only are there first-hand accounts of him allowing his wife and daughter to smoke pot while be protected by NYPD, but he’s also turned a blind eye to much bigger crimes. Criminals run roughshod through the city he was sworn to protect, and the Big Apple is back to being the cesspool it was before Ed Koch and Rudy Giuliani cleaned it up.

Bill De Blasio is the worst kind of Leftist, living high on the hog while pointing his finger at those that he deems “too wealthy” and making every effort to separate those people from their hard-earned dollars.

He’s a hypocrite, nothing more…just like all Leftists.

And much like other Leftists in similar positions, De Blasio’s power has gone to his head in an alarming way, and now the New York City mayor believes that he’s been entrusted with the authority of an authoritarian dictator, complete with the right to confiscate a business or property for “the good of the party.”

De Blasio’s Power Play Against Trump

What is Warren Wilhelm (that’s Bill De Blasio’s REAL name) up to this time?

Well, in his latest stunt, De Blasio trying to break a Bronx golf course contract between former President Donald Trump and the city of New York 14 years before the contract is set to expire.

Predictably, neither Trump nor the people in the surrounding area are happy about it.

Trump is accusing De Blasio of working ILLEGALLY to terminate the lease for his Bronx golf course for no reason other than that De Blasio is holding a grudge against the former President.

De Blasio vowed to break all of the city’s ties to Trump over the January 6 Capitol riot, and that includes to tear down the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point, the contract for which is supposed to be valid until the year 2035.

De Blasio has given the Trump company just a few days to clear the property…but the former president isn’t taking this lying down.

A heated public hearing saw numerous people criticize the city for ending such a lucrative contract over a “political vendetta,” as citizens and officials from the area packed the court room to ensure their voices were heard.

Albert D’Angelo, chairman of Bronx Community Board 11, said the city failed to consult local residents before running with this decision. “Before any decision is made by the City of New York, they need to talk to the people in the area – and that hasn’t been done.”

D’Angelo also said that the financial benefit of wealthier people visiting the golf course held dividends throughout the surrounding area, which the Bronx desperately needs as the city recovers from strict COVID lockdowns.

D’Angelo said, “Some of them are even going to restaurants in the Throggs Neck area. To destroy that because of political reasons is a disgrace.”

And he’s right.

Veteran Gene DeFrancis, a lifelong Bronx resident and one of the leaders in the Bronx County American Legion, said the Trump golf course has been “good friends” to the veterans’ group – describing how Trump agreed to donate golf carts to the group to help veterans with mobility issues to get better access to the Veterans Affairs medical center nearby.

“This needs to stop,” DeFrancis said, “We need to come together and stop with this partisanship.”

Trump Weighs In On The Matter

However, it was Trump’s words that were the most poignant.

“He wants to CONFISCATE the project from me for no reason whatsoever,” Trump wrote in a statement, “And terminate my long-term arrangement with the city—and to think I just opened a beautiful $10 million clubhouse. The course has received rave reviews, is considered one of the top ten open to the public facilities in the United States (could even be the best!), is designed for tournament play, and Mayor De Blasio wants to take it away after all of the work was so successfully done, and so much money was spent. So unfair—this is what happens in Communist Countries, not in America!”

That about sums it up. This is a sight we’d expect to see under late-stage communism, not in a free America.

It’s obvious this is a hack-job by de Blasio, who is all sour grapes over his failed presidential bid and getting trounced by Trump in the media. Terminating the contract for any other reason just doesn’t make sense.

After its 2015 opening, the Ferry Point course has had a mostly profitable run and became a setting for professional golf tournaments, which pumps money into the local economy.

However, after the Capitol riot, some companies, including the PGA, distanced themselves from the president’s name.

City officials are saying that Trump can no longer attract prestigious tournaments to the Bronx course—a provision required in the contract—following the negative publicity surrounding the Capitol riot.

This became the basis for the cancelation effort.

However, Trump’s team said the contract does NOT require it to attract tournaments, but rather only obliges it to maintain a course that is “first-class, tournament quality.”

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this plays out.

What we do know is that Trump won’t stop… especially when he’s in the right.

This is something that should NOT be allowed to happen. It’s nothing more than political retaliation… and everybody knows it.

Let’s just hope that justice prevails and we see the right thing done here…

Otherwise, it’s just another win for the extreme Left—and we’re all sick of seeing that.

Let’s hope De Blasio doesn’t put all these people out of a job. It would be a terrible thing to do for the people he’s sworn to protect.



“Bill de Blasio regularly says stupid things, but this is literally the stupidest effing thing he’s ever said.” – Joe Borelli