Well, they went and did it…

The Dems just employed their nuclear option to defeat Trump and ALL Conservatives going forward. This bold and disgustingly manipulative move will ensure they’re able to gain and indefinitely hold unimaginable power, and it’s happening before our eyes.

What did they do?

They passed the Washington, D.C. Admission Act, a bill that would make Washington, DC an independent state with two senators and a House of Representatives member.

By extension, it would basically give Dems the numbers to turn the Senate blue in the future and keep that power for as long as DC stays as Liberal—and it’s been liberal for decades.

You have to wonder how dumb the Dems think the GOP is…

If they don’t think that their Republican counterparts see right through the effort, then their the ones fooling themselves.

This is a power grab of the highest order…

Nothing more and nothing less.

Of course…

It’s hard to put hope in a city that voted a crack-using mayor into office twice.

Dems Introduce “Nuclear Option” To Win Going Forward

But the bill, introduced by Democrat Eleanor Holmes, passed the House almost strictly on party lines.

Every GOP member voted “no,” and all but one DNC member voted “yes”—luckily, former Republican turned Independent Justin Amash voted “no” as well.

If the bill passes all the hurdles of government and gets approved, it would shrink the actual federal capital to a relatively small area that would include the White House, Capitol building, Supreme Court, and other federal buildings along the National Mall.

The rest of the DC area would become the 51st state, with the planned name of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth, after the famed abolitionist and statesman, Frederick Douglass (note the switch from District of Colombia, named after frequent Leftist target Christopher Columbus).

Now, that may confuse a lot of people as we already have a Washington State, but such is the way of Liberals.


Let’s talk about DC specifically and why the Dems want this bill to pass so badly.

What most Conservatives don’t realize is that DC is the very HEART of the Liberal mob.

Why The Dems Want Statehood For DC – Perpetual Dem Voters

Something has happened over the past few decades, and our once-Conservative culture of politics (including the Democrats) has slowly but surely given itself over to the Leftist ideology.

What happened?

It was the shift in the Americanism…

It’s when parents started wanting their kids to earn trophies for just participating in a sport, even if their performance didn’t deserve it. It’s a small shift, but it signified a bigger cultural problem.

Politicians started to pay attention to that shift…

And they jumped on board.

But that’s not the only problem with DC…

DC exists – and ONLY exists – to service the federal government and the people that work for it.

If it weren’t for the federal government, the city of DC wouldn’t have an industry or business to keep it alive.

Their livelihood is based on the federal government—and if that’s the case, then they can improve their circumstances the BIGGER the government gets.

So, it behooves them to vote for Democrats and support their new socialistic view of government.

It puts $$$ in their pockets.

When you survive by suckling off the government’s teat, you want to make sure that the government is well-fed and healthy, ensuring that your milky profits don’t dry up.

It’s a shame…

The Dems aren’t even disguising their power-grabbing ways anymore – they’re simply being overt now.

They don’t have to hide it because the mainstream media won’t hold them accountable anyway.

Luckily for us, this won’t pass the Senate…

Well, hopefully. You never know, but Trump seems to think it’s a moot point, saying DC statehood would, “never happen unless we have some very, very stupid Republicans.”

And he’s right. While there may not be many MENSA members amongst the ranks of Republican politicians, the GOP seems pretty smart a whole.

As much as some of them may not like Trump, more of them dislike the Dems even more.

Besides, our president has veto power…

And you KNOW he’d stamp that thing harder than anything else.

This is just more evidence that the Left cares ONLY about power…

But honestly…

Are you surprised?


“Self-aggrandizement and lust for power, the maelstrom of baser instincts – disfigured people.” ― Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann

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