The Democrats’ quest for power knows no bounds. This week alone, they’ve introduced legislation to add four justices to the Supreme Court, continued to push HR.1 to codify their efforts to tilt the deck in their favor in the 2020 election, and they are now set to vote on legislation that would make Washington D.C. a state.

This would essentially just give the Democrats two more Senate seats because there is no way in hell that a Republican candidate would have a chance at winning an election in Washington D.C.

It’s job security for the voters of D.C. because the Democrats love to expand the entrenched bureaucracy that makes up the District of Columbia…also known as the Swamp.

CNN reported that “The House Oversight and Reform Committee voted on Wednesday to approve a bill that would grant statehood to Washington, DC…

During the last session of Congress, House Democrats successfully passed the bill – H.R. 51, the Washington, D.C. Admission Act, marking the first time either chamber of Congress had advanced a DC statehood measure. It did not advance, however, in the Senate, which was controlled by a Republican majority at the time.”

There is only one problem with this piece of legislation: It is unconstitutional…not that has ever stopped the Democrats before, but it is true nonetheless.

The Founding Fathers explicitly stated that Washington D.C. was never to become a state because that would create conflict between the Federal government and the government of the state where the capitol resided.

During a behind-closed-doors meeting, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton agreed that the capital city would be located in the south in exchange for all Revolutionary war debts being subsumed by the federal government, a victory for northern states that had higher war debt levels than the southern states.

That is how the capital location was chosen and became known as Washington D.C.

In order for the Democrats to add Washington D.C. as a state, they must first pass a constitutional amendment that would repeal the following section of the Constitution:

“The Congress shall have Power To… exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such Dis¬trict (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Con¬gress, become the Seat of the Gov¬ernment of the United States… (The U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 17).”

Congress can’t just decide to make D.C. a state because D.C. was explicitly created to be its own separate entity. Creating a state without being ratified by 38 other states is unconstitutional and would no doubt be struck down by the Supreme Court…hopefully.

James Madison explained the Founders’ rationale for created a Federal City that wasn’t part of a state in Federalist 43:

“The indispensable necessity of complete authority at the seat of Government car¬ries its own evidence with it. It is a power exercised by every Legislature of the Union, I might say of the world, by virtue of its general supremacy. Without it, not only the public authority might be insult¬ed and its proceedings be interrupted, with impunity; but a dependence of the members of the general Government, on the State comprehending the seat of the Government for protection in the exercise of their duty, might bring on the national councils an imputation of awe or influence, equally dishonorable to the Government, and dissatisfactory to the other members of the confederacy.”

Translation: Washington D.C., if it were a state, would be beholden to its own interests and not those of the other 50 states.

So, no, Democrats can’t unilaterally make D.C. a state. This is settled constitutional law.

But they’re certainly still giving it their best effort.