You wouldn’t think that people in elected positions would be massively out of touch with their constituents on almost every level…

But judging from the back-and-forth Congressional banter of the past nine months, very few people in our Legislative Branch have any idea what ordinary, everyday citizens are going through.

Americans are hurting.

So many of us are out of work due to pandemic restrictions that it’s just a big a problem as the COVID-19 virus itself. Whether it’s from actual government lockdowns or simply because the mainstream media has stoked fear to make people stay at home voluntarily, businesses have been suffering for most of the year.

It’s taken a toll on a LOT of families…but honestly, what can they do?

There are Liberals telling people to stay home to keep people safe, and yet these are the same people that have a job that pays them or are independently wealthy.

You don’t see broke people telling others to “stay home, stay safe,” do you? You only see people that have significant financial means advocating for business shutdowns.

The worst part?

They’ll tell people to stay home even while they go out to dinners and visit family over the holidays.

The New Ruling Class: Government Elected Official

For months now, Congress has been squabbling over a COVID stimulus package that would help ease some of the strain that the pandemic has put upon the shoulders of Americans all across our nation.

After all that deliberation, they finally decided to give everyone a whopping $600.

Are they serious?

People have been out of works for MONTHS!! Many of these people were making $600 a week! But now, after nine months of back-and-forth, with politicians trying to fund one pet project after another, the best they can do is $600?

That’s worse than an insult…

That’s a joke.

However, these people we elected have continued to not only do whatever they want (going out to expensive dinners without masks, visiting family while giving the world instructions on how to live, etc.) but have gotten paid handsomely the entire time.

By The Numbers

Senators and House members get paid $174,000 annually to work less than six months a year.

They’re working 140 days a year while the average American works more than 250.

That’s a lot of time off…

If you compare salaries, these legislators make about $1250 a day. The average American makes about $150 a day.

And we’re supposed to be thankful for a $600 check?

They haven’t had to feel the crunch of making their money stretch so they can afford rent or feed their children.

There are stories about parents eating ONCE a day right now so that their kids can get three meals a day—and the best these pompous and privileged bourgeoises can come up with a $600 payment to Americans?

If you divided that $900 billion stimulus plan between the 365 million Americans, each person should be getting about $2500 apiece.

The $600 to everybody comes out roughly to $219 billion—so where is the other $681 billion going?!


We’re not advocating a welfare state or anything—but if they were doing what they said they were going to do, they should actually be taking care of the Americans who have been FORCED out of work instead of throwing a pittance at them and expecting them to be grateful.

We need to fix this problem in Washington…

Maybe we need to fire each and every person that put a pet project in the stimulus package…

Or maybe we need to make sure that they feel the crunch as well. Maybe if any American is forced out of work due to their state’s COVID response, the representatives of that state should have their wages put on hold too.

Maybe then they’ll have some empathy.


Of course, this could all be avoided by letting Americans get back to work…

Either way works for us.


“It’s a little hard not to be an elitist when you’re making millions of dollars a year.” – Walter Cronkite