In the weeks following the death of George Floyd, multiple monuments around the country—ranging from those dedicated to Confederate generals to the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial—were vandalized, desecrated, or even torn down completely by protesters. The desecrators wanted to erase any vestige of our Founding Fathers and those that defended the principles enshrined by those men.

While some of the demonstrators might have had pure intentions by wanting to not honor men who enslaved people or denigrated minorities, most of them simply wanted to ruin the memory of those men because they despise the system of government they established. We don’t honor men like Washington and Jefferson because they owned slaves; we honor them because Washington won our independence, for which Jefferson penned the Declaration.

But even so, the woke city council of Washington DC has joined with the revisionists by recommending that monuments, parks, schools, and buildings named after these men be “contextualized,” removed, or renamed. The Washington Post reported, “A committee reporting to DC Mayor Muriel E. Bowser has recommended renaming dozens of public schools, parks, and government buildings in the nation’s capital — including those named for seven US presidents — after studying the historical namesakes’ connections to slavery and oppression…

The committee said in its report that it considered whether the honorees enslaved people or supported the institution of slavery, whether they created laws and policies that disadvantaged women and minorities, whether they belonged to ‘any supremacist organization,’ and whether they discriminated against marginalized groups in a way that would violate DC law.”

The council also originally voted to recommend that Federal monuments such as the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial be renamed, despite the fact that these sites, as well as other monuments, are in areas over which the DC city government doesn’t have jurisdiction.

This movement to destroy these monuments isn’t a new one. This movement had been simmering just below the surface for years. Last year, Al Sharpton called for the abandonment of the Jefferson Memorial and Vice News’s Wilbert L. Cooper called for the destruction of Mount Rushmore — because in some way each was responsible for “horrific atrocities.” In Chicago, a local pastor called for the removal of a park named after George Washington.

This sentiment reflects a poor understanding of the Founders’ great accomplishments. The Founders should be celebrated today for establishing a nation dedicated to the preservation of natural rights and inspiring future civil-rights leaders in their pursuit of freedom.

They believed these liberties came from God, not the government. The Founders believed that the government’s main function was to protect the liberties of the individual, while at the same time preventing the individual from infringing on the rights of another individual.

But the Founders didn’t believe in government handouts and social programs — so their memory must be destroyed.

They weren’t social justice warriors.

If they were big-government liberals, then modern Leftists would be building monuments to them and worshipping them in pagan-esque rituals as we speak.

The snowflakes don’t like the Founders not because of their views on race, but because they despise the system of government they established. The Founders feared people like them when they wrote our Constitution, and thank God they did.

That’s why the mob’s vision for America cannot be allowed to become a reality.